Fashion Fever Closets Revisited: Zebra Stripes Closet

Part One:

This week we revisit one of my favourite Fashion Fever Closets. The Zebra Stripes Closet with its pink, white and black theme. Here is the original closet.

The complete closet.

The Showrunner:

Sheath Sensation on Red Basics Barbie
Jan (Red Basics Barbie) in vintage Sheath Sensation

It’s a nice sunny day and it is Jan’s turn to be the Showrunner. Is she going to do an outside shoot? What do you think?

The Models:

Jan usually likes to use her friends for models but today she has a couple of ring-ins as Bonnie, Kate and Midge were working Sandy had a date and Anna got the dates mixed up and turned up a week early .

The models today are:

    • Mandy: friend of Jan
    • Avis: friend of Jan
    • Vanessa: Sister of Petra
    • Kylie: Volunteer Model


The Fashions:

Jan collects the clothes and everyone sets off for a local park where Jan and the photographer set up the shoot while the girls change in a nearby building.

Mandy is first to appear in the striped dress with pink trim. Her grey shoes are from the closet.

Kylie follows teaming the striped skirt with a white top and black vinyl jacket. Her pink shoes are from the closet.

Next is Vanessa who wears the striped top from the closet with the cropped pants and her own shoes. The bag is also from the closet.

Avis is last wearing slim fitting long pants and a pink top with a black belt. The shoes are her own and the purse is from the closet.

Mandy in the Zebra Stripe dress.
Kylie wears the zebra stripe skirt with the white T shirt and vinyl jacket
Vanessa wears the zebra stripe top with cropped pants.
Avis wears the pink top with long pants.

Everything is going smoothly so Jan asks the girls to go and swap pieces of the outfits as she wants to show what a versatile closet it is. She encourages them to have fun with their poses and move around. Vanessa particularly enters into the swing of things returning in the crop pants and the pink top.

Kylie wears the long pants, which she declares  a tight fit, with the white top while Avis chooses to pair the striped top and skirt with the jacket.



Vanessa in the pink top and crop pants.
Kylie in the white top and long pants.
Avis in zebra stripe top and skirt and vinyl jacket.

Mandy has not reappeared so Jan goes to talk to her. “There is another outfit that complements this closet though it is not part of it. Will you wear it please?” The outfit is a three-piece consisting of a zebra stripe skirt, a black halter crop top and a pink jacket or shirt. Mandy’s shoes and sunglasses are also part of the outfit.

Mandy in striped skirt, halter top and shirt.

Jan goes off to change into one of the dresses herself and the photographer poses the girls one last time before packing up his gear.

The girls pose wearing the zebra striped outfits.

It’s been a very successful afternoon and Jan is so pleased with herself that she doesn’t want to leave yet. See what happens next time.












  1. Oooh I love this sophisticated, versatile closet! It features a classic print, neutral colors and fuchsia. I like all the components and ensembles. Compliments to Jan on her choice of models and for a professional shoot. Wonder what happens next?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Truly Fabulous! I will have to look for these! I wish Ken had a zebra print shirt. The Toy story Ken had a cheetah /blue print, but this is better. With shorts for daytime and black slacks for taking Barbie to dinner and a dance club for date night., Jamal/Steven would rock this look. Maybe a themed party. Paired with the red sheath Jan was wearing with a zebra belt and a leather look jacket would look fierce! what about animal print boots, Love this! The perfect thing to go with all Barbie’s pink stuff..including her house! It looks awesome just hanging in the closet!

    Liked by 2 people

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