Fashion Fever Closets Revisited: Zebra Stripes Closet

Part Two

The Story so far…

group photo

Last time we went with Jan and her group of models to the local park where they photographed the Zebra Stripe Closet. Jan was having a great time and didn’t really want to pack up. She still had more ideas she wanted to try. Just then Midge arrived having finished work. Jan immediately asked if she could borrow a camera to take some photos herself and naturally Midge was happy to lend her one.

First of all Jan wanted to take some more photos of the three-piece outfit that Mandy had been wearing. “You could team it with any pieces of the closet. I just want to show one idea and I want to move to another location.” Midge said she would come along to watch, and probably to keep an eye on her expensive camera, so Jan suggested that she could help by modelling the halter top with the crop pants from the closet.

Jan’s Photo Shoot

Jan took her two friends to another part of the park and enthusiastically took several photos of them both in various poses. The other girls soon joined them and Jan took a few more photos of them as well.

It was only when Jan asked Vanessa and Midge to climb a tree that Mandy protested. “Jan, that’s enough! They could get hurt!”

“Vanessa!” she cried as she saw her nonchalantly hanging upside down from a branch.

Vanessa hangs from a branch.

Jan was about to protest that they would be fine,  when Vanessa slipped. Mandy’s shout from below had distracted her.She grabbed at Midge to steady herself but only succeeded in pulling her down as well. The girls fell out of the tree, luckily landing on soft grass so they were only winded.

The other girls ran to them to see if they were alright. Jan let out a wail.

“I’m OK, I’m OK.” Midge gasped as she was helped up, but Jan was looking at Vanessa who was lying on her back laughing.
“Oh no!. There’s a grass stain on these pants! Vivienne is going to kill me!”

Vanessa and Midge fell out of the tree.
There is a grass stain on these pants!”


  1. I really like this group of models because of the variety in their hair styles and articulation. The outfits look fab in natural light on disparate body types. Hope the pants can be cleaned before Vivienne finds out!

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  2. Looks like a fun shoot! I am definitely going to see if I can find some of these pieces! I had some crème pants that didn’t come clean and I was able to dye them, but I’m sure yours will wash clean. What a fun twist in your adventure.. Although I have put dolls on a tree for x-mas, I never put them in a tree, what a great idea!

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