Fashion Doll Friday – Fashion Fever Teresa Fall Wave 2007

This week’s Friday Girl is a Fashion Fever Teresa from 2007. Although most of my Teresa’s have dark hair I do like the blonde ones as well. I just  really like the Teresa face mold and I hope we’ll see it again in the future. It did look as if one of this year’s Fashionistas has that face.

Anyway this is Kylie, a good Aussie name. Kylie is wearing an outfit from the Fashion Fever Zebra Closet which I have featured in the past. I really like this closet so I will be showing it again some time in the future.



  1. I was happy to see this unusual blond Teresa featured in your Fashion Fever Zebra closet retrospective. The outfit looks fab on her. I still have her in her tube and I love her original outfit: polar bear tee shirt, pleated skirt and boots.

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  2. Great pairing, lovely pink lips cute shoe’s, she’s my new screen saver as I was looking for the perfect doll/outfit for February/Valentines/ I’m un-boxing/bagging the Twilight couples and other date-mates to celebrate my up-coming 35th Anniversary (14July)..We are celebrating early as my mother-in- law is on hospice and doesn’t want to miss anything!

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  3. Fortunately, I could find plenty of people selling this beautiful doll! You have very wonderful dolls, who are quite pretty. My mother had dolls like that, but her brothers put them in a moist shed out in their backyard, and they became moldy, and some , I bet, decomposed into nothingness!! There are spiders in that shed, and no one is brave enough to go digging for more dolls in the shed. Well, I don’t blame them for that, because there are poisonous spiders where we live that could harm us. Eek!


  4. I do have wonderful dolls. I love them all.What a shame about your mum’s dolls, moisture is terrible for dolls and although you can fix some mold issues if they are not too bad it is a lot of work. If you really did want to have a look and see if the dolls could be saved perhaps an adult could set off one of those insectiside spray things in the shed to kill all the spiders first. I might write a post one day about moldy dolls and if they can be fixed.


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