Fashion Doll Friday : Bead Blast Barbie 1997


Today’s Friday Girl is Bead Blast Barbie 1997 aka Angela. Angela was one of the Barbies I bought in my first years of collecting. I think I got her at Toys Are Us in Adelaide. We used to love visiting the Barbie Aisle there. Bead Blast Barbie was of course a hair play doll. I have included the commercial made for her.
You know me. I don’t care for gimmicky dolls but I did like Angela’s Mackie face and high colouring so I made the major decision to (gasp) cut her hair fairly soon after I got her. I think the shorter length is a lot more practical than running around looking like a modern-day Rapunzel. Angela of course has the old Twist and Turn body and ballerina arms. Still a lot easier to redress than the bent arm Fashionista’s. I’ll tell you about her dress in another post.



  1. Another stunning Mackey, what amazing eyes! I was looking for the AA version but on e-bay she was twice the price! Also the brunette had the best coloring in her face. I am bidding on one who needs a repaint on her lips and her hair cleaned up, I even have some pony style beads for her hair. I love how you put her in a sequined dress that almost looks beaded.


  2. Oh, the commercial for Bead Blast Barbie made me laugh – What a great start to my day. Although I find the beaded hair amusing, your Angela looks great with her shorter haircut. She has beautiful colouring – one of my favourites with the dark hair, blue eyes and red lips. The FA dress looks fab on her, too.

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      • But long hair is everything. All dolls need long hair and tiny waists (and pointy mini feet too )


      • It’s one of my quirks with fashion dolls. I don’t like unrealistically long hair but I did love her face . Mind you I got her in my early collecting days. I probably wouldn’t do it now.


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