Fashion Doll Friday – Party Time Sindy 1981 in Centre Court


This is another doll and outfit that I have featured before but not for some time. After going through the Sindy ID pages at Petra Dolls I believe this Sindy might be Party Time Sindy from 1981. This doll is described as having a hidden number on her head -033055x and Hong Kong at her waist.She has pale colouring with soft pink lips. At first I thought that my Sindy’s head was unmarked but after completely messing up her hair I found the hidden number just above her hair-line. Her head is soft vinyl and she has pale colouring and pink lips. She has the wide hips that the later Sindy’s had, clicking joints in her legs and non poseable arms. This Sindy was sold with her hair in bunches. This is my best guess for this doll anyway. I will include the Petra dolls link and you can see what you think. It is a great site for identifying Sindy and I use it a lot  even though it has not been updated in some years.

Sindy’s outfit is Centre Court from 1966. I have still to find a few pieces from this outfit, mainly the panties and headband. I do have the racquet and a couple of balls although I can only find one at the moment. Here is the description from “Our Sindy Museum”

A white cotton tennis dress with a blue “S” in a shield emblazoned on her left hip. The dress had a pleated skirt and fastened with two white poppers at the back.  The dress came with matching white cotton knickers and a white cotton headband which fastened behind the neck with a white popper. She wore short white socks and white lace-up tennis shoes (her white sneakers reused). She carried a tennis racket in a press and three tennis balls in a container.



  1. Oohh I love Sindy’s platinum tresses and pleated tennis shift, complete with racquet and balls. Her coloring is so soft and pretty. Somehow, she brings to my mind the iconic picture of Marilyn Monroe in a white dress standing over a subway grate. Totally unrelated except for the hair and dress color.

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    • I can seewhat you mean exactly She is a very pretty Sindy. Although I love the early Sindy’s most whenever I think about moving on the “new” Sindy’s from the seventies and eighties I never can as they are much too pretty to part with.


  2. Btw I got my backordered WW Superstars Brie Bella and she doesn’t disappoint. She has a lovely face screen with nice features: high cheekbones, pretty closed mouth. Comparing her to a Barbie, they look like the same size and should be able to share clothes except that the Brie doll has muscular forearms. I’m leaving her inside container for now but she should be sturdy since she’s a wrestler? The quality looks good. She’s wearing a nylon outfit but the “shirt” around her waist is plastic. Overall a good value at $20, she’s less than a “The Look” doll.


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