Fashion Doll Friday: Ballerina Barbie 1976

Today’s Friday girl is a rerun. As you can see Ballerina Barbie now has a new tutu and ballet shoes and I have tidied up her hair. She’s very happy about that as you can imagine. She will be even happier when she gets her stand back but there is just no room for it on the Barbie shelf right now.



  1. Oh my, what a delicate face, love her tiny nose. Have never seen this face before, it’s in between the vintage and contemporary styles. The silvery ballet costume is lovely too. Makes me think of figure skating costumes which I’m admiring while watching the winter Olympics in Korea.


  2. BTW my one and only ballet doll is Dancing Princess Blair. She was a “holy grail” doll and I love her Lea face and coloring, but not her arms.


  3. love this doll! I have a 68 head almost exactly like this w/o body so giving her a Malibu Barbie body w/ stiff straight arms. Only one 70’s outfit poor girl, Maybe I can crochet some thing. I do think I may have a tutu buried in my tagged bag.(but no shoes.). except ones that look like nurses shoes. Do you have any mod Kens? I love seeing vintage couples together!


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