A Stroll Down Fashion Avenue – Episode Five – De-boxed Edition

This week we’re going to take a look at another lot of Fashion Avenue outfits from Naomi’s stash.  I didn’t have any of these outfits myself so I had to take them out of their packaging. I experienced a slight pang of guilt about doing this thinking how much Naomi could have got for them on eBay as Mint on Card outfits.

Four of these outfits are from a set called “Cool and Casual”dated 2001 on the packaging while the other two are on the dress shaped cards issued for foreign markets in  2002.

The Showrunner:

Jan is the Showrunner today. Vivienne is away on business and Becky is away for the weekend with Sebastian so Jan was asked to come in. As these are brand new, never worn before outfits Jan is being extremely careful with them. She has not forgotten the Zebra Closet Incident so although the sun is shining outside she does not even suggest heading out to the park.

The Models:

  • Alison – P.A. to a local business man , Twist & Turn body
  • Sal – A newcomer to town, non articulated Fashionista body
  • Marissa – Girl about town, articulated Fashionista
  • Jan – House Stylist and former professional model, Model Muse body

Two of the models today are relative newcomers while Marissa is an old hand at it as is Jan of course.

The Fashions:

Jan leads the way in the red pants which are a vinyl material and the Eiffel Tower  motif tee-shirt. She likes these but not the enormous chunky black boots. Jan says if she bought this outfit the first thing she would do would be to buy better shoes, probably red with heels.

Alison comes next wearing pink vinyl pants and a mauve midriff top. Although Alison has the older style body as most Dolls of the World dolls do the waist is a little loose.

Marissa follows wearing jeans, a striped top and a scarf all of which fit her perfectly.

Next, newcomer Sally appears in a denim mid length skirt and a pink Barbie print shirt.

The girls stopped for a group portrait before going on to model the last two outfits.

The girls pause for a group shot.

Jan suggests that Sal model one of the remaining outfits. Marissa volunteers to wear the other one.

Foreign Issue Fashion Ave 2002

Sally’s outfit is a shiny silver skirt and pale pink jacket with a fur collar and matching pink boots. Sally likes the way the jacket catches the light.

Marissa’s outfit is a blue denim skirt and dark blue vinyl jacket with matching blue vinyl boots.

The photo shoot is finished ahead of schedule and amazingly nothing has gone wrong. No clothes have been damaged, no shoes have been lost and everyone is still in a good mood even the photographer.  “We have some time left.” Jan tells the girls. “Is there anything that you would like to try on before we pack up?”

“Why don’t we do some mix and match?” asks Marissa

“Wonderful idea.” Jan says enthusiastically. So everyone grabs pieces from each outfit to try on and be photographed in. Here are the results.

The whole afternoon was a great success and Jan was quite impressed with her new models and also by the fact that Marissa did not prank anyone.

Jan with her models Sal, Alison and Marissa.


  1. I always enjoy your fashion shoots and these were the FA styles I wanted to see: separates with ankle boots. Happy to see Marissa, one of my favorites, too 🙂

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  2. I love seeing the Fashion Avenue outfits and these are especially nice. I like your idea of side by side photos of the outfits in their packages and the dolls wearing the outfits.. The photo shoot story is fun and it’s great to see the mix and match options. I always feel a wee bit guilty removing an outfit from its package, but on the other hand these outfits need to be enjoyed.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Quite right Elizabeth they were designed to be played with. As I already owned some of the same outfits I was able to leave some in packets in case Naomi wants to sell them later but where I have taken them off the card I made sure I photographed them as well. It is a helpful tool for collectors who buy clothing in lots and are trying to identify it and also for me in case I forget after doing a mix and match.

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  3. I’m excited about the new Tomb Raider Barbie and have pre-ordered her for March release. Features a new face sculpt modeled after actress Alicia Vikander, she’s articulated and priced right at $30. Very excited to see IRL.


  4. This action figure will be a good foil for my Hunger Games Katniss. We need a male doll to accompany her. I like her delicate face sculpt with serious expression, not sure about her accessories, climbing ax anyone?


  5. Through fan chatter, I heard she was available at toys r us so I got her! She has a lovely, delicate visage that would make her a good fashion model. The Lara Croft Barbie will have crossover appeal for fashion doll collectors and fans of the movie and video games. I also found some new boxed clothing: dress, white lab jacket and stethoscope, but no shoes for Barbie. I bought this for the white coat. The Ken set is nicer with Malibu hoodie, fleece shorts and off white sneakers.

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