Doll Detective Mailbag – Vintage Visitors: Here Comes The Bride

Today I’d like to share a doll that is here for a tidy up and a bit of research. A friend of mine has been helping to clear out a deceased estate and found several dolls. They will  probably be sold at some stage so I offered to have a look at them for her. This one is the first of them.

She is about 16 inches or  40 centimetres tall and is made of vinyl or plastic Her head, torso and legs are hard but her arms are that rubbery vinyl you often find on dolls from the sixties.  She has brown rooted hair and blue sleep eyes. The only marking on her is a faint “Made in England” on her back.

16 inch doll marked made in England
Bride doll from the 1960s
Her face close up.


I am not sure if her outfit is original but it is certainly contemporary with her look. She has a cotton slip and panties under her dress which I think is a synthetic fabric with net over the skirt. The dress is not tagged but looks professionally made. Her dress and slip both have tiny, tiny buttons. She has woven stockings and white vinyl shoes which are marked 6T USA. Our girl has pin pricks where she must have had earrings at some point but luckily someone has taken them out as there is a tinge of green around the holes. I’m not sure if they would have been original to the doll or added later by the owner. She has been in storage for over 15 years so I’m sure she was very happy to see the light of day once again.






  1. She looks like a Palitoy molded head and they had earring holes in the late 50s , they often turn up with different bodies to the palitoys . I suspect they sold the old moulds to other manufacturers or sold the heads they didnt want . Made in England is code for probably put together in Hong Kong


    • I didn’t know that but it would not at all surprise me as the old body parts seem to get a variety of uses. I knew that Empire Made was code for Hong Kong. I guess in the minds of people then anything in the Commonwealth was England.


  2. She has a sweet face. Love the dress. Wish they’ made more groom dolls. I’d love doing a wedding complete with attendants. They would all be standing but it still would be fun. Barbies have enough pink things to outfit all the bridesmaids/flower girls, etc..I never got the fancy sets they used to sell but it would/could also justify all those Ken’s wearing tuxes.


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