Fashion Doll Friday: Mattel Ricky 1965

Skipper friend Ricky who looks a lot like Allan’s little brother.Matt

Today we have a Friday Guy, Skipper’s young friend Ricky. Ricky looks like he might be Allan’s little brother although this is never stated.  He has the same body as Skipper and Skooter so in theory could wear their clothes although back in 1965 it would have been considered unmanly to do so. Ricky was therefore issued several out fits of his own including this baseball outfit. This Ricky belongs to Naomi and he is hanging out with the rest of the  gang on the vintage Barbie shelf at present.




    • He was only made for a very short time and I don’t know if he was available in Australia where I live. I certainly never saw one as a child but I knew about him from the Mattel brochures that came with my Skipper.


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