Fashion Doll Friday: Ideal Pepper 1963-65

Continuing with our kids theme from last week here is Ideal’s Pepper. Pepper is Tammy’s little sister and was introduced in 1963. There are several versions of Pepper as there are Tammy. This is the original straight legged version. In fact this one is my own childhood Pepper. I received her on my ninth birthday in 1966. The back of her head is marked “Ideal Toy Corp G9-E”  as it says in my Tammy book. However, according to the book the first issue Pepper was marked “Ideal Toy Corp G-9-W and a single digit number on her back. Mine doesn’t have this. Instead she has ” Ideal Toy Corp Made in Japan” on her right hip.She was bought in Australia so may be a foreign issue Pepper.  Tammy and Pepper were not as popular as Barbie and Skipper in Australia so I suspect we often got dolls made from odd parts. Over the years her face has faded a little bit but she still has her original playsuit. My doll did not come with the matching checked overskirt, not all Pepper’s were issued with it.



  1. Her hair colour is really unusual and with her faded face, she definitely is a Japanese Pepper. I think Tammy and Pepper were first imported to Australia by Coles, a discount department store so I suppose it’s possible they were the same as those sold in Japan. She’s gorgeous, love the hair. A treasure!

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  2. Love this doll, looking for the outfit yours is wearing..mine came in a lot undressed so put her in a blue one tammy wore. Haven’t found a tammy book with fashions yet. May have to do a crochet dress.


  3. you are so sweet, and love that auburn hair might have to do a brush on rinse on my frankendollie,shes a stunner.was there ever an African American versionof this doll, know there was with grown up Tammy, guess it’s time to look at your past post/links..and google..but love this little gal.

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