Fashion Doll Friday: Ideal “New” Pepper 1965

Here is the second of my three Pepper dolls. This one is listed as the 1965 standard Pepper in my book. She is marked “Ideal Toy Corp P9-3” on her head. The book says that she should be marked “1964 Ideal DO” with a single digit number on her right hip/buttock. Mine has this but also “Made in Japan”. She is slightly slimmer than the original Pepper, her hands are different and her legs are hinged differently. The other big difference is that her neck is now part of her torso making for a less wobbly headed doll. Originally she wore a little red mini skirt and a red and white vertical stripe midriff top with a fringe. I bought mine at a big doll and teddy show that Naomi and I went to in the Adelaide hills town of Hahndorf. She was not wearing her original outfit. In fact I can’t remember what she was wearing but it wasn’t a Pepper outfit as it was too short for her. Today she is wearing a dress I knitted until I get her something more appropriate. Pepper has had a haircut and one side of her fringe is too short so I’ve given her a comb over to hide it.



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