Fashion Fever Closets Revisited: Wave B Summer Closet

This is a small but rather nice closet with a few summery pieces. It doesn’t offer as many mix and match options as other closets but I still like it.

Here is the closet, a borrowed photo.


Photographer: Joe Dias Stylist:Jennifer Hoon
Wave B Closet: Photographer: Joe Dias
Stylist:Jennifer Hoon


Vivienne Cruikshank

Pilot Barbie 1999
Pilot Barbie 1999

The Models:

Just two models today who both work at the Cruikshank’s department store and often take part in store promotions. Vivienne likes to use employees from the store as models when she is Showrunner.

  • Lisa – Belly Button body
  • Penny – Summer with belly button body and articulated arms.


Lisa and Penny

The Fashions:

Penny is first in the light green top and horizontal striped skirt. She has the bag from the closet and the rather bulky green sneakers. This colour combination looks rather nice with Penny’s colouring I think. Lisa is next in the pink collared top and striped box pleat skirt. She has the pink sandals from the closet.

Penny in the green top and blue, pink and green skirt.
Lisa in the box pleat skirt and pink top.

Penny returns in the rainbow striped dress which is probably my favourite piece in this closet. Lisa changes into the other skirt which she wears with her own top and the white denim jacket.

Penny in the Rainbow stripe dress and sandals.
Lisa wears the skirt with the jacket and her own top.

Finally the girls pose for one more photo together.

Lisa and Penny pose for the photographer.





  1. What a nice surprise to see this FF closet modelled by your dolls. I have these pieces and like the light, summer feel to these clothes. They look like clothes real people would wear and they also fit other teen dolls like R&D Susie.

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  2. I love seeing closets on models. My favorite pieces are the jacket, pleated skirt and sneakers, the details on such tiny pieces are amazing.The

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Fashion Fever is an appropriate name as their styles are timeless and well made. On my recent forays to Toys r Us (where I got Tomb Raider Barbie) and Target, the playline clothing was absolutely dreadful – poorly made polyester. I’m thankful I have FF collection for my new dolls.

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