Fashion Fever Closets Revisited: Animal Print Closet

This week we will revisit the Animal Print Closet which was last featured way back in September 2014. I can’t believe I have been doing these posts for so long! As you can see the photo I took of the opened closet is even older. It is definitely time for a reboot.

Animal Print Closet

The Showrunner:

Vivienne and Becky have decided that it would be a good idea to let some of their younger employees at Cruikshank’s have the opportunity to organise the fashion shoot, under supervision of course.  Vivienne suggested Natalie should be the first as she often helps organise the clothing for the shoots.

Natalie was also allowed to choose the models she wanted. She decided on two of her workmates Lisa and Petra. As Lisa is blonde and Petra is a brunette Natalie also wanted a red-head. She called up Amy who fortunately was not doing anything that day and she agreed to help out.


The Models:

  • Petra: Friend of Natalie – Fashion Fever body
  • Lisa: Friend of Natalie – Fashion Fever body
  • Amy: Natalie’s acquaintance – Model Muse body

The Fashions:

The girls arrived to get ready only to find that Vivienne had allocated them not one but two closets to shoot. “There is a time limit.” she warned them. “I have the photographer booked for a session at 2pm so don’t run overtime will you Natalie?”

Natalie promised that she wouldn’t and went to unpack the clothes. She was dismayed to find that Animal Print Closet contained a lot of delicate fabrics which would have to be carefully handled. The girls all came over to look at the clothes and Natalie picked an outfit for each model only to find that some of her choices would not work because the clothes didn’t fit properly. Quickly she made some changes and soon the girls were ready to go.

“Why am I posing with a banana?” asked Amy as she modelled the cropped vinyl pants and print halter top. “It is for a float in the Cruikshank’s Christmas Parade.” Natalie explained. “I guess if fits with the jungle theme.”

The cropped pants fit Amy quite well, Petra who was originally going to wear them really struggled to get them on although they did fit her.

Amy in halter and vinyl pants from Animal Print Closet

Lisa came out next in the halter necked dress and fluffy jacket. “These sandals are a nightmare.” she said . The gold thread of the sandals was extremely hard to tie up and in the end Lisa had to ask Natalie to do it for her.  “You wear the sunglasses too Lisa.” Natalie told her. “You are the only one they fit.”

“Are you saying I have a big head?” asked Lisa laughing.

The next one to appear was Petra wearing a spot print top and gold skirt with matching print border. Gold boots completed the outfit.

After that Natalie asked the girls to swap some of the pieces so Petra took Amy’s top and Lisa’s jacket while Amy took Petra’s top. Natalie herself wore the dress but tied a little differently and with the gold boots.

It had not been an easy shoot. The girls had trouble with the sandals, the gold fabric and even the sleeves of the fluffy jacket. Their long hair had frequently become entangled in the clothing so they were very relieved to be at the halfway point of the shoot.

The girls pose for the group shot.

The girls posed for the group shot and then Natalie gasped as she realised the time. “We’ve used over half the time we had for the two shoots already. We are going to have to hurry or we won’t be finished by 2pm.”

This was bad news and Natalie knew she’d really have to work hard now to get everything done in time. Will the girls be finished in time for Vivienne’s shoot to begin?

Find out next time when we show the Fuchsia and Mauve Closet.




  1. I love seeing closets again with fresh faces and storylines. I never bought this one because I thought it was too flamboyant, but it does look lovely on the dolls. My favorite is the second outfit modeled by Petra. Looking forward to part 2.

    Liked by 1 person

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