Fashion Fever Closets Revisited: Fuchsia and Mauve Closet

Part Two

Natalie is running her first photo shoot today and it has been quite a challenge. First of all she had the difficult Animal Print Closet to deal with and while she was happy with the job she and the girls did Natalie was concerned that she might not have left enough time to finish photographing the second closet before Vivienne arrived a 2pm to start her own session.

The full fuchsia and mauve closet.

She discusses the situation with her models. “I think we did the right thing to shoot the more difficult outfits first but now we need to make up some time. So the first thing I’m going to ask is could you all please put your hair up or tie it back so we can get in and out of the clothes more quickly. ” The girls agreed and Natalie tied back her own hair and even removed her beloved hoop earrings.

“Now here’s what we  are going to do….”

The Showrunner:

Natalie Showrunner

The Models:

The Fashions:

Petra changes into the floral dress and knit jacket. She has tied her thick wavy hair into two bunches but had no time to find any hair ribbons. She has the bag and shoes from the closet.


Petra in floral dress and Fuchsia jacket.

Lisa is ready to go in the denim skirt and striped fuchsia and pink long-sleeved top. She wears the boots from the closet and carries the other handbag. These sunglasses are smaller than the last pair. Lisa tied her long fine hair in a loose ponytail which feels very odd to her as she normally wears it loose. “I feel like I am back at school.” she comments.

Lisa in denim skirt with fuchsia and pink top and pink boots.

Amy is wearing the jeans and a mauve long-sleeved top trimmed with green. Petra gives her the shoes from the closet to put on.  Normally Amy ties back a strand of her hair anyway but on Natalie’s request she’s also tied a side ponytail to keep the rest out of the way.


Amy in jeans and mauve top.

Meanwhile Natalie has put on the floral dress and the pink boots to show a different look and Petra has taken the mauve top to wear with the shorts.


Natalie in floral dress and boots.
Petra in the purple shorts and mauve top.

Amy comes back one more time wearing the jacket with the jeans. “My mum would say “That won’t keep you warm.” comments Petra.


Amy in jeans and jacket

“Gather round everyone we’re nearly done. ” cries Natalie anxiously checking the time.

Fuchsia and mauve closet group shot.

It was three minutes to two.
“Well done girls” said Vivienne appearing from the back of the room where she had been observing the activity for some time. “That was a difficult task and you organised it well Natalie. What did you learn?”

“Well”, said Natalie. ” I should have got the girls to put their hair up at the beginning of the session when I saw how flimsy the first lot of clothes were but I think it was better that I did those ones first. I would not have wanted to hurry and risk damaging them.”

“You did very well anyway. Lisa would you like to be Show Runner next time?” Lisa said that she would and Vivienne invited the girls to stay and watch her session after they had changed into their own clothes.




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  1. I love the colors of this closet and never managed to get it, so I really enjoy seeing it again on different dolls. My favorite items are the dress, tie-dye top, jeans and the accessories. It’s great that Vivienne is developing new talent, though I miss the battles royale with her rival Jan 😉


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