Fashion Doll Friday: Ideal Pos’n Pepper 1964

Today’s Friday Girl is the last of my three Pepper dolls. This one is Pos’n Pepper. First issued in 1964 this Pepper has longer hair than the original standard Pepper and can now bend her arms and legs. Her head is marked “Ideal Toy Corp G9-E” and her back “Ideal Toy Corp G-9-W 2” All the Pos’n Peppers were marked this way although the single digit number at the end might vary. Pos’n Pepper was issued wearing a dress with multicoloured striped top and red skirt. However, mine arrived in standard Pepper’s playsuit. I later added a pair of red shoes although she should have white ones.

I’ve had Pepper quite some time but apart from a few appearances at the Tammy House I have not photographed her much because she had a blue mark on her face. I have faded this with Oxy 10. It is still faintly visible but I didn’t want to bleach her skin colour too much so decided I’d done enough.



  1. Loving these! Her face is so cute and funny! I have a new playmate for mine who must be a Penny Brite clone , marked Hong Kong with blond hair I’m sure I will find someone similar on one your links. She did come in panties but her head is bigger than Pepper so looks odd w/ her and the other Tammy kids.

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