Fashion Fever Fashions Revisited: Evening Wear

Today’s fashions are solo fashions from Fashion Fever tubes or packs. One or two of them have been featured in the past but I think at least one of them has not been photographed before. I don’t have all the information on these outfits so if anyone knows year of issue/wave please let me know in comments.

The Showrunner:

Vivienne –  Showrunner

After watching Natalie and her team finish their photo shoot Vivienne set up for her own. She had decided on evening wear and that each model would only wear one dress.

The Models:

  • Julia – Antiques dealer
  • Tracie – Doctor
  • Maddy – P.A to Georgie Cruikshank
  • Gail – Nurse

The Fashions:

Julia is first in a dress from the Party Perfect series from 2008. Included here is a borrowed picture from an eBay seller. This dress is a little loose around the bust on Julia but otherwise a good fit.The shoes fit her but she had some trouble keeping one of them done up. Julia carries a matching pink bag.

Tracie enjoying a break from her more serious role as a doctor wears a full length floral gown with a matching scarf and pink shoes.  Naturally as she has the belly button body everything fits perfectly.  Year of release unknown.

Tracie in floral full length gown.

Maddy appears next in another full length gown. Like Julia she finds the dress a little loose around the bust and she is unable to wear the high-heeled silver shoes. She carries a matching silver bag.

Vivienne gave the next outfit to Gail to wear even though Julia really liked it. The red dress looks very striking with Gail’s black hair. She has a black knit shrug and black fish net stockings but cannot get the red shoes on her feet. Gail is carrying a small red evening purse.

Vivienne has saved the dress that she feels is most suited to her colouring to wear herself. Unfortunately it is a tight fit across the back and she was obliged to ask Natalie to zip her into it. The shoes are a good fit though.

The girls gather by the long window for a group photo before packing up for the day. Perhaps Vivienne should have worn a slip as she appears to be doing a “Lady Di” with the sun shining through her dress.



  1. Oooh la la, this is like Christmas for me as I’m loving this stream of Fashion Fever shoots. What a treat to see these ladies in red, fuchsia, pink and florals just in time for Easter and Spring. I especially love Tracie’s floral confection. Also hooray for featuring professionals. What a stunning group photo. My compliments to Vivienne for grouping these gowns!

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  2. The floral prints are a great scale for the models, something I almost might wear if they came in my size. (though maybe with a cap sleeve. And flat sandle’s as it is almost beach weather here. Hope your Easter w/ sister was lovely.

    Liked by 1 person

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