The Fashion Fever Project

I’m always looking for more information about fashion doll outfits and while surfing the net looking for pictures of Fashion Fever fashions I don’t have I found this query on an eBay site.

Does anyone know of an informational ID site that is comprehensive for Barbie Fashion Fever Closets, Dolls and Fashions? One that shows all of them produced by wave, year etc.    Any info would be appreciated.  There used to be a wonderful site like this (european based I think) but long since gone….

Source: Fashion Fever Closets Comprehensive Site ?

Well, I’ve often wondered that myself. When I started collecting there was a fabulous site that showed all the newly released Fashion Fever outfits. Although at that time there were far more Fashion Fever outfits on sale locally than I could possibly buy there were a great many that never made it to my part of the world and the website helped me identify which ones I liked enough to buy from interstate or overseas. I know there are a couple of books that show the more recent fashions but compared to vintage and mod era Barbie fashions Fashion Fever is not well documented.

As you know I’ve been on a mission to document the Fashion Fever and Fashion Avenue outfits that Naomi and I own for a couple of years now. I don’t often buy them now because if you do see a mint one for sale it is usually too much for my budget when overseas shipping is factored in. So I have been trying to think how else I could show off the fashions that I don’t have. Many of you probably use Flickr and Pinterest and both of these sites have a lot of very nice photos but unfortunately not so much in the way of information that will help you piece together a set or tell you what year it was released.

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I’ve just been reorganising my own Pinterest doll page which was a mish mash of all kinds of doll related items. I’ve reorganised it into collections within the main collection and one of them I’ve named Fashion Fever Fashions. Here I plan to pin pictures of closets and single outfits that I don’t have.  While it isn’t as good as being able to show the actual fashions it may help people to identify bits and pieces.

Another idea that I had is that some of you may have closets that I don’t have. No, I’m not going to ask you to send them to me. However, perhaps you have a website, Flickr stream or some other site where people could see them. If you send me a link I can make a resources page. Or perhaps you would like to send me photos of your own dolls wearing the outfits, with or without a back story or if you display fashions NRFB  photos of them would be fine as well.  What I’m after is a complete record of the contents of as many closets and outfits as possible.

Basically I’m feeling that if there is no comprehensive Fashion Fever website we might just have to make it ourselves. What do people think about that? I would like to do the same with Fashion Avenue but there are some resources for that already  so the Fashion Fever Closets, tubes and accessories are my priority. If you would like to have your Fashion Fever outfits featured on this blog you can email photos to me at If you know the year or the Wave that would be helpful. I don’t know them all. I know I could do this by just grabbing photos off the net but I’m trying to do the right thing and not steal photos and besides it would be much nicer to have ones that had been taken especially for the project.

A couple of pages from my home made Barbie Fashion guide book.
The drawers I keep my Fashion Fever outfits in.




  1. Sounds like a brilliant if epic undertaking, best of luck! just acquired a book of Shirley Temple dolls from a gals personal collection done because a family member resembled Shirley, it was a limited printing. Like an auction catalog from Mr. tonners personal collection of dolls, great for identification. I don’t know if you’d considered possibility of book or not but as I doubt Mattel did one..why not? But the on-line resource will be greatly appreciated/anticipated!!

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  2. Thank you for the pinterest link I never realised there were so many lovely clothing packs, I do not collect the FF dolls but do have a few clothes packs. I do love your hand made Barbie fashion guide book, what a great idea. I am now following your pinterest board.


    • Glad you have been enjoying them. That was such a fantastic time to be a Barbie collector. I started the home made book because when Naomi went on holidays she’d look for outfits for me so I’d print photos of the closets I already had and those I’d like to have to help her remember but they b ecame a useful tool for me as well to keep track of all the bits and pieces.


  3. From time to time we have discussed the possibility of at least an eBook on the subject. I’m not sure how to go about doing that at this stage but at least we can start compiling the information that people have on their own dolls and maybe that would eventually be possible.


  4. Awesome idea. When I first became obsessed with FF, I scoured the web for a comprehensive site but there wasn’t one. While some came close to compiling all the waves of the dolls, I never found one on the clothing closets, tube fashions and accessories, and furniture. Many still appear on eBay. Unfortunately I sold many of my closets, including one that you never featured 😦 I have many of the dolls still in their tube if that would be of use to you. I would like to help in your endeavor by emailing you photos of my prized dolls: Kira packaged with an armoire filled with extra outfits, my Benetton Paris and London dolls.


    • That would be great Dani. I’m sure that a lot of collectors would find it helpful to see dolls in their original outfits and especiallly closets and tube fashions. I’d be happy to post anything you’d like to send.


  5. I’ll photograph somethings and email them to you in the near future. Hope my cell phone pics be suitable quality.
    Good luck with this endeavor.

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  6. Hi,

    I realize that I am 2 years late to the game, but I have a bunch of FF clothing and dolls to show you. Did you ever get to set it up?


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