Fashionista Glam Team 16 De-boxed

Fashionista no. 16

You will remember that Naomi bought me two Barbies in Singapore because she said it was a pity not to take any Barbie’s home from our trip. She got me this one because she thought, and I agree, that she’s one of the nicer of the current batch of Fashionistas.

I haven’t felt like doing much doll stuff since I came home. I had a cold that was hard to shake off and was generally feeling a bit “blah”. I also thought that I might have to start packing dolls away but due to a hiccup with the house sale they don’t have to go just yet so I decided to de-box the two dolls after all. Here she is out of the box.

Fashionista Glam Team 16 de-boxed

As you can see she has the Model Muse body which now seems the norm for all Fashionistas. She does feel quite solid and well made which I liked. Her hair has a couple of coloured streaks in it and she has two freckles under one eye and another on her chin, or maybe that one’s a beauty spot. Who knows?  I do like the colour of her eyes with that red hair. She has a thing on her hand, described as a ring but it goes across her whole hand so I don’t see how you can call that a ring. Would anyone actually wear something like this on their hand? It looks very uncomfortable and inconvenient even if it does say  “Love”.

Glam Team 16 close up. She has nice colouring.

However, when I undressed her I made an annoying discovery. She has flat feet! Her legs are attached “Hobbit Style” so she can stand with them wide apart. The dress, by the way, has no fastenings, you just slip it off, not so easy with a bent arm doll. I doubt many three year olds will manage without tearing it.

As I wasn’t overly keen on her original outfit I decided to see how she looked in a couple of Fashion Fever outfits. I chose blue because it would look nice with her hair. The outfits looked great but she couldn’t wear any of the shoes. Not even the sneakers.

Fashion Fever dress from Hillary Duff blue winter closet.
Outfit from Hillary Duff blue winter closet
She can wear the shoes but they don’t fit properly.


On the whole I like this doll. I am disappointed that Fashionista’s no longer have articulation and I think the clothing is ordinary but she has a nice face. I do miss dolls being issued with names to distinguish them as I’m rapidly going to get sick of saying “Glam Team 16 Barbie”. I better get the Baby Names book out again and think of something.



  1. These new feet are so tiny too. There are shoe packs available, but there are several types/sizes of feet, so it’s still hard to get shoes to fit. I prefer to body swap. 😉

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    • I really like it better when fashions and accessories are easily interchangeable. Shoes are the worst. Model Muse dolls can’t wear Fashion Fever shoesor the earlier ones and these new flat footed Fashionistas can’t wear them either. I think Sindy only ever had two different shoe sizes.


  2. I really like the face of this doll and the hair and eye color. Many of the fashionista line are tempting, but I say what good is a doll that can’t even bend at the knees to sit down? Shoe fitting is such a dilemma with the different types of Barbies. The new made to move Barbies have these teeny-tiny feet without arches so they can only wear flats if I can find them to fit. Don’t they know that doll play involves changing, mixing and matching outfits and shoes?? Is my yoga Barbie only meant to do yoga?? I saw a lovely tennis player doll the other day, but she is completely without articulation. So, she can’t actually pose like she is playing tennis. All of the career dolls are this way too. They just “look” like they can do the job. Ha ha!

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    • I don’t think they do know Melanie. They seem to have forgotten that was what Barbie was created for in the first place. Now she has cheap tacky clothes and in a lot of cases her clothing is molded on to her like an action figure. They got so hung up on body types that they have forgotten that fashion dolls should be able to be redressed.

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      • Yeah and it almost seems they are working more for the collector than for one who would actually play with the dolls. So many of the new dolls just look like all they want to do is stand in the box and look pretty!!

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      • There seems to be no middle ground any more. The playline dolls are often cheap looking but the collector ones are so elaborate that they are only for looking at and so expensive you fear to debox them. There is a whole big group of people like us who like to redress, photograph and create stories who are not being well catered for.

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      • I’m with you there 🙂 Most people I know think it is kind of weird for a grown-up to be “playing dolls” but I see it as creative expression just as valuable as writing, drawing or painting. And way more fun than these adult coloring books they are pushing lately. Hey, I finally got around to starting a fashion doll blog of my own thanks to much inspiration on WordPress, your blog included!

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      • Good luck with the blog I will pop over and visit shortly. Naomi also makes the point that choosing outfits for dolls can be a way for children to learn about what clothes are appropriate for which occasion and what styles and colours suit certain skin and hair colours.

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  3. This doll is among the few fashionistas I acquired. I have a soft spot for gingers and love her sporty outfit. She looks great modeling fashion fever. I have a shoe pack and sneakers which should for her.

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    • I have a soft spot for the gingers too and as I now have two of these flat footed girls I think I’ll have to get a shoe pack or be doomed to see them wearing ugly shoes with pretty clothes.


  4. She’s pretty cute. I agree the original dress wasn’t the best, and the flat feet are sooooo annoying. I have figured out how to make flat sandals out of card board (cut a piece of cardboard the size of the dolls foot, then put a ribbon over the top the the food and glue down. They slip off easily but if you are desperate for shoes it will work), but they aren’t proper shoes. I’ve seen some flat shoes somewhere, but they were $10 a pair 😮 WHy would mattel make flat feet, but not easily accessible flat shoes????

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    • I understand they do make a shoe pack but of course not all stores have them so you have to search. Of course as they market the play line to 3-7 year olds they probably don’t care as they figure the shoes will be lost anyway.


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