Fashion Fever Closets Revisited: Winter Blue Closet

Today we’ll revisit another favourite closet of mine, the Winter Blue themed closet. I last featured this one in 2014 so it’s certainly time for another go round. Here is the closet and I’m happy to say I still have all the pieces.

The full Winter Blue closet.

The New Models: Part One

Vivienne is auditioning some new models for her fashion shows. She has invited a few girls to come to the studio and will get them to model a variety of clothes so she can see how well they can pose and how well organised they are.

The Showrunner:

Pilot Barbie 1999
Vivienne – Pilot Barbie

The Model:

First of all she has a new young girl who has not done any modelling before. Her name is Willa.

Fashionista Glam Team 16 aka Willa – modified Model Muse body

Fashionista Glam Team 16 aka Willa

The Fashions:

Vivienne has chosen a blue themed closet for Willa to work with. There is a lot of casual wear in it which Vivienne thinks is suitable for a teen model. Willa goes off to change into the first outfit, stretch pants a matching top and sneakers. She comes out walking rather oddly.

“Why are you walking that way?” Vivienne asks her.

“I’m so sorry Miss Cruikshank but these sneakers are not very comfortable.”

“That’s alright.” Vivienne tells her. “I won’t make you walk around in them. ”

The pants and top were a perfect fit, the shoes not so much.

Willa’s next outfit was a short skirt of stretch material and a striped top. It was a good fit on her and Vivienne told her to wear her own sneakers with it. After that she quickly changed the top for a knitted jumper.


Wearing the sleeveless top and skirt with her own shoes.
Willa in Winter Blue skirt and jumper

Next Willa wore the striped top with jeans and a knitted jacket. Vivienne gave her the square bag and a pair of sunglasses. Willa tugged on the ankle high boots but to her dismay although she could get them on her feet she could barely walk in them. “How embarrassing !” She thought “Miss Cruikshank will think I am an idiot.”

The Jacket and Jeans were an excellent fit. The boots were not.

Finally she went to put on the blue halter neck dress. Silver shoes and a bag completed the outfit but of course the shoes didn’t fit.  Vivienne reassured her. “You would be surprised how often this happens Willa, we just can’t keep matching shoes for all our models. If you can do them up we will just do the pictures with you seated. Otherwise don’t worry about it.”

The party dress and shoes.

That was the end of Willa’s audition and Vivienne thanked her for coming in and asked her if she’d like to come back in an hour when she’d seen the other girl who was waiting .



  1. Willa did well at her audition and looked great in the blue closet. It was great to see it again. I have the Red Ruby Fashionista from the first wave, she also has flat feet and has to wear her own shoes. I sent you photos of her in FF.

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  2. I can understand why you like this closet, great coordinating pieces. I’m amazed at how organized you are. No hurry on putting up page. I’ll continue to send you photos.

    Liked by 1 person

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