Fashion Fever Closets Revisited: Fall Colours

This closet is the Fall Colours themed closet from Wave C. I still haven’t found the correct shoes for this closet although I feel sure I have at least one pair of them somewhere. As today’s model has the Model Muse body they will not fit her anyway.

Fall Colours Closet

The New Models: Part Two

Vivienne auditions another would be model for her fashion shows.

The next girl to walk in to the studio was older and taller than Willa. She introduced herself as Margo.

The Model:

Margo: It’s A Girl Barbie 2015, Model Muse body


Barbie It’s A Girl aka Margo

The Fashions:

Vivienne had selected the Fall Colours Closet for Margo to wear feeling that the colours would suit her. As she had noticed that Margo was wearing pink shoes she told her that she could wear them with the outfits she would be modelling.

Margo disappeared into the changing room and reappeared wearing the tweed dress and the lacy jacket. Both were a good fit and her shoes were a good match for them.

Margo in the dress and lacy jacket.

When she tried on the denim skirt she found it was rather loose and requested some pins to make it fit more snugly. “My sister Becky has the same trouble with these skirts.” Vivienne remarked.

The top is a good fit but the denim skirt is loose.

The last outfit of this rather small closet was the apricot print top and brown check pants. Both of these fitted Margo perfectly.

Margo wears the pants and top.

Vivienne was very pleased with both the girls. She called Willa back in and told them “I’m sure that we will be able to use both of you.” then she had the photographer take a couple more pictures for the collection.

Margo and Willa
Vivienne poses with her two new recruits.


  1. It’s great to see some fresh faces along with revisiting a great Autumn closet. I like this closet for its textures and patterns: tweed, denim, velour, lace, etc. Looks long Vivienne has found some new talent.


    • Willa is a modern name which I picked because she is a Millennial Fashionista. I think I found it online, the top 100 popular names for girls or something like that. I think they will both be good photo models.

      Liked by 1 person

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