Fashion Doll Friday: Here Comes The Bride & Groom

With a Royal Wedding this weekend I felt like I should have a Prince or Princess or at least a Bride and Groom. As it happens I don’t collect either so  I didn’t have a lot to choose from. However, I have an American Girl Barbie in “Wedding Day” and Shaving Fun Ken wearing the costume of King Dominick so they are kind of appropriate. She is American, he has a  reddish beard.




  1. Awesome tie in for the Royal wedding, guess I can drag out my red haired G.I. Joe and dress him up in some kind of uniform and find a pretty brunette and a wedding dress, even though the only one I have is blue from the daytime drama/soap opera star Diedra Hall/Marlena Evans from Days of our lives.You have the best ideas!Love this!

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  2. I have a tiny Prince Charles in Uniform and a Bride decanter from Avon, maybe I will put these on my Anniversary Pinterest. My Diana clones too.. I’m sure a pic of the Queen will round out this occasion. I love the Royal family!

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  3. Probably my first memory of dolls was being taken to FAO Shwartz to see the Queen Elizabeth wedding dolls from Madame Alexander. I must have been all of three years old? I never forgot. I actually own an 8″ queen, original dress and all 🙂

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