Fashion Doll Friday – Fashion Royalty Poppy Parker

On How To Be Lovely, Funny Face, Poppy Parker, Veronique

This week our Friday Gal is a a repeat performer as she was last featured in 2014. She is one of my two Poppy Parker dolls. I was lucky enough to buy them both on eBay for a good price. I had bid on both hoping to get one but to my surprise I won both of them for less than you would normally pay for one. They were nude but in great condition. I had some fun with this one dressing her in the style of an iconic rock clip although she is a bit more modest. I like the Poppy Parkers because they are the same size as Barbie where many of the others are taller.



  1. She is Simply Irresistible lol Great resemblance to the models from the music video. I would like to see more of her in your fashion shoots.

    If you are diligent and patient, eBay yields wonderful delights and I have managed to get most of my wish list items from it.

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