Meet The Models: The Interviews

Vivienne is always on the lookout for new models for her fashion shoots and today she is meeting some more.

Jill is the first to arrive. She tells Vivienne that she has not done any modelling before but would like to try. She explains that she works in an office and would like a change from sitting at the computer all day. “I hope that modelling will improve my posture.” she adds.

Vivienne meets Jill .

The next girl through the door introduces herself as Barbara Bird. Barbara tells Vivienne that she is hoping to get acting work in the future. “Barbara Bird is my professional name.” she explains. “What is your real name?” Vivienne asks “I’ll need it for our records.”

“Well it is Barbara but my last name is Eden. I didn’t think I should use that.”says Barbara with a smile. “Bird is my mother’s maiden name.”

Vivienne meets Barbara for the first time.

Vivienne looks puzzled when the next candidate arrives. “Don’t I know you?” she asks.

Ember looks faintly embarrassed. “Well I have been here before once or twice to model but it was ages ago. You weren’t here then. ”

“Well I was really looking for new faces.” Vivienne replies doubtfully . “I know I haven’t worked with you, I must have seen your photo or I’ve seen you somewhere else. Where do you work?”

“Grace Brothers.” admits Ember. Grace Brothers is another large department store and a competitor of Cruikshank’s.

“Well, since you are here we will see how you go today.” Vivienne decides. As all the clothing comes from Cruikshank’s Vivienne thinks that she had better run this one past General Manager Georgie first.

Vivienne is not too sure about Ember.

There is one more candidate to meet today. She introduces herself as Cynthia Harding.

“What do you do Cynthia?” asks Vivienne, she hopes that she is not working for Grace Brothers or Myers or David Jones.

“I’m a personal trainer. I work at a gym.” replies Cynthia.

“You don’t work at Grace Brothers do you?”

After she’s met all the girls individually Vivienne explains that they will have some photos taken in their own clothes and then they will have the opportunity to model some outfits for her.

Ember Fairmont
Cynthia Harding
Jill Wilmot
Barbara (Eden) Bird

How will the girls do in their first assignment? Will Ember make the cut? Find out in our next post.



  1. It’s fun to go behind the scenes and see Vivienne’s casting process. My favorites are Cynthia and Ember. As there are 3 blonds, they may cancel each other out.

    Liked by 1 person

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