Fashion Doll Friday – Ideal Tammy, Made in Hong Kong



Today’s Friday Girl is my childhood Tammy,given to me around 1965. She has been featured on Fashion Doll Friday before back in 2014 and in numerous Tammy House posts. I hope nobody minds reruns occasionally as after five years I think you have seen most of my vintage dolls and a lot of the modern ones too. I decided that as it is a nice sunny day today I would take her outside for a few new photos. Hope you like them.

This Tammy was made in Hong Kong and has a more golden skin tone and delicate facial colouring than the high coloured Tammy’s made in Japan or in Canada for Reliable. I wonder why? You can read more about my Tammy Family dolls here.



  1. Love her fringe and pretty frock. You took great care of her.

    On a totally unrelated subject, Barbie The Look City Chic doll is selling on eBay for 3x original price. Unlike some of the earlier dolls from this collection, she is sold out so commanding high price on secondary market. I wonder if less The Look dolls have been produced or if they are more popular? I only liked a few of these dolls, in particular “Party Perfect”, but they are undeniably higher quality than fashionistas. Your thoughts on the future of The Look dolls?

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    • Tammy’s neck is a bit wobbly, this happened to a couple of my childhood dolls after too many exciting adventures. Poor Patch lost her head, the vinyl was torn and I didn’t know how to fix it. So I was very careful with Tammy after that. Then the dolls were stored for many years before I took them out and displayed them. As to The Look it’s hard to say. Mattel may keep their collector line going but they don’t have a good record for recognising when something is popular. It is possible fewer of those dolls were made as their sales have been declining. One particular lot of eBay sellers is charging exorbitant prices for dolls that are not that rare too so watch out for them. Due to new tax laws in Australia which will force overseas retailers to collect GST from us Amazon is about to lock Australian buyers out. That sucks because Amazon Australia which is quite new does not sell any collectible dolls yet and what they do have is over priced. I can only hope they improve. So I’ve just sprung for 3 dolls off my Amazon wish list in case I can’t get them in the future. We are concerned that most eBay and Etsty sellers overseas will no longer sell to us too although there has not been an announcement yet.


  2. I enjoy seeing your dolls again in different fashions and/or storylines. Your fashion models and shows are popular.

    I hope it doesn’t become more difficult for you to acquire down under. I’m an ebay seller and hope I will not be required to pay tax on items I already bought, paid tax on and am merely letting go of.

    As for Barbie, I agree her maker doesn’t have a good handle on its product line. I think that The Look dolls with the plain, vapid Millie face did not do well but the subsequent ones sold better. At 3X cost, I would sell my City Chic sweater dress doll. I’m looking forward to the Chloe Kim and other “Sheroe” dolls.

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    • I am not quite sure yet how it is going to work but I imagine for a seller who is a primarily a hobbyist not a business it would be more trouble than it was worth and that most will just say they will no longer ship to Australia. We are going through our “wish lists” on Amazon and eBay and will have a bit of a spending spree on those items in case we can’t get them later.


  3. Hurrah! Found you at last. I’ve been struggling with the concept of WordPress which is so different in terms of commenting and finding other people’s blogs but think I’ve got it now. Thank you for your support in our early days on Miniature Mayhem, my little people and I are very grateful.

    I love your Tammy. She has such wonderful complexion and her dress is lovely.

    As to buying from outside Australia, the new law seems unfair on both buyer and seller. I can understand the possible need to do this for new things to be imported, but used items sold on by people not registered as selling as a business seems excessive. Will this law apply to gifts from friends or family outside Australia too?

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    • I loved your posts, please keep writing them. I shouldn’t think that the law will apply to gifts. If someone outside Australia buys a gift I guess they would pay whatever GST, VAT or whatever is the law in that country but could send it to Australia without having to pay the Australian GST. However, if I want to buy something from overseas the vendor would have to collect the GST and pay it to the Australian Tax Office. Obviously Amazon USA did not wish to be bothered with it.


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