Fashion Doll Friday: Reproduction 1962 Ponytail Barbie

Today’s Friday Girl was part of my birthday present from Naomi. She is a reproduction ponytail Barbie from 1962. Her floral dress is a reproduction of a pak fashion from 1964 called “On the Go”. Barbie time travelled to get it.
If you have seen this doll around I think you can guess what the rest of the present was. Yes. It was Barbie’s Dreamhouse 1962 reproduction. We will be showing it to you very soon.



  1. Happy birthday, what a lovely gift. I love her floral shift and how the colors coordinate with her make-up. The print is perfectly scaled and flowers are very a popular motif now.

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    • I was pleased to have her as it is unlikely I’ll ever have a vintage one but even more pleased to get the house which I have been wanting since it came out.


  2. Lovely! Can’t wait to see her new digs! Was just removing 1962 Ken from the laundry room and thinking how he and Allan would have looked in wedding duds post Royal wedding. Your Barbie reminded me of Sarah,I couldn’t remember her dress. Thinking of this doll in a wedding dress earlier? So pretty.

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