A Stroll Down Fashion Avenue: Episode Six- The De-boxed Edition

Once again we delve into Naomi’s box of unopened Fashion Avenue outfits to show you how they look on and off the model.

The Fashion Shoot:

Vivienne likes to think that she should be in charge of all the shows featuring Fashion Avenue outfits because she is the only one who would have actually worn them when they were new. Jan’s argument is much simpler.

“It’s my turn.” she said.

Vivienne had done the last few Fashion Fever shoots and Jan really wanted to do this one even though she had done the previous Fashion Avenue shoot when Vivienne was away. As she controls access to the clothes Vivienne can throw her weight around if she likes but she knows that Jan just really wants to try on the outfits herself. She adores fashion. Graciously she agrees that Jan can do the shoot providing that it is done at the studio she prefers to use. “Not outside.” she warns Jan.

Overjoyed Jan asks Midge to come along, she’s been away working and they haven’t had a girls day out for a while.  Although she doesn’t really like modelling clothes all that much Midge agrees to come. “There are only three outfits today.” Jan tells her. “It will take no time at all.” As their other friends are all busy with jobs or boyfriends Jan decides that it would be fun to introduce a random element to the shoot and while buying a coffee at a local sandwich shop she asks the girls working there if they would like to come along and be photographed on Saturday. So at the appointed time Belinda and Nicola arrive at the photo studio where they find Midge and the photographer chatting but no sign of Jan.

Where is Jan?

Midge calls her to find out what the hold up is.  Jan is stuck in traffic. “I think there has been an accident on the Harbour Bridge.” she tells her friend. “I’ll get there as soon as I can.”

The photographer is not impressed. “You girls have an hour and a half. That’s all I was paid for. Why don’t you start without her?”

“But she is the Showrunner.”Midge protests. She knows how disappointed Jan would be to miss out on this after begging Vivienne for the chance.

“Don’t care!” says  Dennis the photographer. “I’ve got a football match this afternoon and I don’t want to miss it. Get on with it or get out.”

Belinda speaks up. “I think we should do it.” she tells Midge. “The clothes are here and you say you’ve done this with her before. You run it.”

On the phone a frustrated Jan agrees that would be best. She will try to get there before they are done.

The Showrunner:

Midge can’t believe she is the Showrunner today.


The Models:

  • Jan – House Stylist and Model
  • Nicola – Student and part-time counter assistant
  • Belinda – Sandwich shop owner

Special  Guest Appearance:

Dennis the Photographer Dennis is a Ken clone.

The Fashions:

Midge, Belinda and Nicola go to have a look at the clothes. There are six outfits hanging up. “That’s funny, there were only supposed to be three.” Midge tells them.

“Here’s a note.” Nicola replies, handing it to her.

Dear Jan,

I know how much you were looking forward to this shoot so as I was able to source some extra clothes I’ve left you three more outfits to use. There are accessories to match. Have fun.


“Wonderful.” says  Midge looking at the formal dresses and the accessories that Vivienne had thoughtfully provided. “OK let’s go to it. Belinda you take that blue outfit, Nicola the pink one. Be careful not to lose any of the bits and pieces and for God’s sake don’t tear anything.”

Belinda emerges a few minutes later. “I’m sorry Midge, these shoes don’t fit me.”

Midge is familiar with this problem and tells her not to worry about it and just bring the shoes to be photographed. Everything else is a perfect fit.

Nicola, who is changing calls out “Midge the shoes..”

“Just carry them.” calls Midge before she can finish. Like the previous one this skirt has an elastic waist so no problems with fitting. The stockings actually fit her better than the original owner.

“So far so good. ” thinks Midge sending the girls back to change. “Belinda in the mauve and Nicola in the two piece please.” she instructs them.

“I can’t get this jacket on.” Belinda calls out.

“Swap outfits” Midge calls back

A few minutes later; “Nor can I”

“Alright go on to the next outfit.” comes the reply. “We still have plenty of time. We’ll come back to it.”

“You won’t if you all keep talking and faffing about.” complains Dennis.”

“Get on with it.”

In the confusion Belinda and Nicola end up wearing different outfits but Midge decides that they should just carry on. There is still a lot to do and Jan is not here yet. Nicola comes out in the red party dress. “It is really meant for someone a bit bigger on top than I am.” she comments “But it’s OK. I pinned it. Here are the shoes.”

Belinda appears in the sparkly denim outfit that Nicola was supposed to wear. “Lots of accessories with this.” she comments.

At that moment a breathless Jan arrives. “I’m so sorry to be late. What’s left?”

“A casual outfit and a dress and jacket that the girls have been having trouble getting on.” replies Midge.

Jan arrives just in time.

“Fine, I’ll put the casual outfit on, you change into the other one. ” Jan decides.

Midge had planned on wearing that outfit herself if she had to model. “Wouldn’t you rather wear the dress, it’s more your style.” she suggests.

Jan vetoes that idea. “If they couldn’t get it on nor will I, fingernails.” she informs Midge. ” You have short nails.”

Midge sighs and goes off to get changed.

Midge does struggle with the jacket which has very tight sleeves but manages to get it on and reappears looking a little flushed and dishevelled.

Finally it’s all over and Jan persuades Dennis to take the group photo before he heads off to his football match.

The group shot.
The girls pose for the traditional photo.


  1. I liked this very much. However, I would like to more about your Ken clone, “Dennis”. Do you have more clone Kens or Skippers, etc to give an update on? (And where you got them)I have a few clone dolls that I enjoy even more than Mattel dolls, Simba company makes some nice dolls. Thanks for any information you can give! Helen

    Liked by 1 person

    • I had a look at “Dennis” for marks when I got him out and he has “made in China” on his back and on the back of his nexk there is an indentation where you often find marks which I can’t read. I don’t think he is a Simba as Naomi has a couple of Simba guys and he is different. Simba made a very nice Ken clone in the early 2000’s and we’ll try to feature them in a post one day. I did buy “Dennis” around the same time, late 90s or early 2000s. Clone dolls are very interesting and some of them are really well made while others are ..not. Naomi has a couple of Skipper clones too and I think they are pictured on our clone page but we’ll try to show them again in the future. There are links to other clone doll websites on our page and I believe there is even a facebook clone collecters page.


  2. smashing…everything was lovely.. what’s a photo shoot w/o some drama…Dennis is cute..I agree some clones are as cute as the original.
    The clone G.i. joe I got looks more authentic than the reproduction model I got at the swap meet.I was aching for all the un-stung vintage dollies but we are between settling an estate and helping w/ a wedding..no rescue money this year.Does anyone have donation stories for World Doll day, only going to be able to donate the painted Barbies this year.I want/need to live vicariously through you all..

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sadly World Doll Day is not really a thing here in Tasmania but I try to do my bit with my dolly fix ups for the Op Shop making sure donated dolls get a better home instead of going in the bin if they have been inked. Love to hear what others did.


  3. Superb! Wonderful storyline showcasing Fashion Avenue with models I haven’t seen in awhile. I enjoy the friendship and rivalry of Vivienne and Jan. I have the Midge and Nicola dolls and enjoy seeing them in action. It was great to see a male doll, too bad about his attitude. We’ll see how Vivienne deals with Dennis.

    Liked by 1 person

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