Fashion Doll Friday: Barbie Basics Red Collection #03

Today’s Friday Girl is a rerun as she has been featured in the past. However as I’m taking a lot of new photos as I experiment with my lighting set up I hope you won’t mind seeing her again.


  1. As it is June 14th here/Flag day the Red /white combo perfect!..very dramatic w/ the dark backround! Donating 2007 AA Holiday Barbie, also wearing red/white, to local charity. I’m getting to the Doll day donation late this month, as helping w/ estate stuff for hubby’s mom. I think some painted Barbie’s will get re-homed as well.Your doll remind’s me of the birthstone beauties, miss garnet except that doll’s hair has no fringe and it has the taller muse body..and wears a garnet color dress. The Steffie face is so lovely with the dark hair!

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