Dancing dolls / Muñecos bailando / Poupées dansantes / Bonecas dançando Reblogged

Sartenada from Finland sent me a link in comments to these photos of dancing dolls and I liked them so much that I thought it would be nice to share them in case people don’t see her link. They have wonderful expressions and poses.

Travels in Finland and abroad

In English:

I took 14 photos from dancing dolls, which I saw in Mikkeli in an exhibition. They are made by Finnish doll artists. When looking at my photos, I got the idea, that I copy every photo and from those copied photos, I cropped them to show more details from the original photo. Therefore, when looking at my photos, the first one is the original and the second photo is a cropped. Later, I added 6 images.

En español:

Sacaba 14 fotos de muñecas bailando, las que vi en Mikkeli en una exposición.. Fueron hechas por los artistas finlandeses de muñeca. Al mirar mis fotos, me tuve la idea, que copio cada foto y de las fotografías copiadasles recorto para mostrar más detalles sobre la foto original. Por lo tanto, cuando se mira en mis fotos, el primero es el original y la segunda foto es una recortada. Más…

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  1. Wonderful characters and expression and artistry! I am completely blown away.My twilight pairs dancing so bland compared to this! I’m in the mood fo dancing dolls..may have to drag my family to “it’s a small world” ride at Disneyland. Incredible find!

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