Fashion Doll Friday: The Barbie Look “Sweet Tea” 2016

Today’s Friday Girl is one of my new arrivals from Amazon. She is from The Barbie Look series with the nickname of “Sweet Tea”. Her new name will be Sabrina.



  1. She looks lovely unboxed and I look forward to seeing her in your fashion posts. I think her face looks similar to the City Chic The Look doll. I’m particularly exited about seeing the three dolls you got from Amazon since they have articulation

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    • It doesn’t happen to me often as I have not got many double ups. I do have 3 of Barbie Basics #05 but I keep one boxed and one stored and just use one for pictures. If I wanted to experiment with different hair styles I would use the “Spare”. I actually have more trouble keeping names straight than faces. Rather like a mum who goes through every name in the family before getting to the right one. I am trying to take a picture of every modern Barbie and put her name on it . When I had a lot of playline 90s Barbies with long blonde hair it could get a bit confusing but most of these have now moved on. I try to buy dolls with different faces which is why I skipped some Fashion Fever’s if I thought they were too similar in features to a previous doll.

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