Fashion Doll Friday: Day In The Sun Barbie 2000

Today’s Friday Girl is a new arrival. She is Day In The Sun Barbie from 2000. She was part of the collectible series of that year but I bought her loose and nude from eBay. Here she is redressed in Fashion Avenue. Her hair is rock hard from all the glue so I may wash that out and see how she looks with a more natural style.




  1. I love her red lips. Shes beautiful. Who put the glue in her hair? What kind of glue. this is the 1st ive heard of glue in the hair.

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    • I call it glue but it is some kind of stiffener. The manufacturers put it on some dolls, usually the collectable lines to keep their hairstyle in place. It does wash out but I’m undecided about whether to do it to this doll.


  2. Her eyes remind me of the glamour gals, Lucille Ball in her modeling days, in love with this outfit,so something I would have worn a few decades ago but with cap sleeves, …have to look for this one.

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  3. Great to see dolls from different eras. She reminds me of Marilyn Monroe/Norma Jeane. The beauty mark is distinctive.


  4. This doll was readily available on ebay. So your readers can acquire ones they like. I was inspired to get many of my dolls through your blog.

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