Triang CEX Doll’s House

I recently bought myself a Triang CEX dollhouse. This house was made by Triang between 1958 and 1962. From what I would find out from dollhouse enthusiasts sites that I looked at to gather information about this house I would say that the C stands for the model of the house in the series. The E for electric lights and the X for extras such as furnishings. I am very lucky that my house still retains all of these. The house has evolved out of the Triang 62 house. I think mine could be one of the earlier CEX houses as it has the white eeves where the later ones were painted blue like the windows. I will be taking the house to Vanda’s place this month to get some better photos as she has a fancy lighting kit and my house is very dark. (The one I live in) I tried to get pictures of inside the CEX but they were a bit dark to show. We want to compare this one with the 1939 Triang 61 I bought a year or two ago and in this way we can show what had changed from the 30s to the 60s. Please excuse the stickers on the house. I haven’t cleaned it up yet. Stay tuned!GE DIGITAL CAMERA



  1. I can’t wait to see the house furnished and inhabited by dolls. Hope to see some stories, I still chuckle when I think about the misadventures of Midge and the watermelon punch!

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  2. I couldn’t discern what size dolls would fit inside, just remembered how much I enjoyed your various stories involving dolls houses 😉

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    • This house is 1/16 scale so dolls similar to the ones Vanda put in the Dolly Mixture house would fit. I have some characters in mind but not sure if they will fit yet. You will all have a laugh if it works out.


  3. I really miss having all my doll houses set up. I have Triang, Marx and a few others I would like to show one day if only I had the space back again. We will show this one. I have some furniture we can put inside to make it come alive for the post.Maybe even some surprise squatters for a bit of fun.


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