A Trip to Target

I had an hour to kill in Hobart yesterday so after having a look at the revamped Harris Scarfe which has no toys and the new H&M I popped into Target to have a look at the latest ugly Barbies. As I had my phone I snapped pictures of many of the dolls on sale, not only Barbie, to give you an idea what is available here. Toys’R’Us has now closed so our only avenues for toy buying in Hobart and suburbs are Target, K Mart, Big W and Myers. I think most of them would have similar but I don’t get to K Mart very often as the nearest ones are at Eastlands at Rosny, on the eastern shore; or Newtown and I don’t visit those suburbs often.

Target had the usual assortment of Fashionista’s, princesses, fairies etc, they don’t carry collectible Barbie dolls. They had Disney dolls, Wiggles dolls and some other ones I was not familiar with.


Not a great photo but as you can see there were several Fashionista’s including three Ken’s , Tropical Ken, Man Bun Ken and another who seems to be hiding. I think I did see a tall Fashionista but no Petites. A lot of curvy Barbies and Colour Surprise Barbie, her hair is pink, no surprise there.

Fashionista’s available in Hobart Target

Dreamtopia is still a thing and here is Dolphin Magic. Surely even a small child knows that dolphins are not pink.

Dreamtopia and Dolphin Magic
More playline Barbies including Scientist Barbie

Disney Princesses

Here is a row of Disney princesses. This size seems to be popular now. We often see these at the Op Shop later. Below are the Barbie sized Disney dolls. I have at least two of these in my spare room waiting to be tidied up for the Op Shop.

Disney Princesses


Disney fashion dolls

Other Dolls

I’ve never heard of Bizzy Bubs, they are small dolls with molded plastic hair and clothing. The Wiggles are an Australian children’s group originally formed by a bunch of guys who had a band called The Cockroaches. They turned to doing children’s songs as a sort of sideline calling themselves The Wiggles and it became hugely successful. I think they even franchised themselves. A few years ago the original Wiggles replaced themselves with younger people and one is a girl, Emma

Bizzy Bubs


Emma from The Wiggles

That’s all I had time to look at, there were probably some Baby Borns or Baby Alives in there too. Another day I will check out Myers in the city but basically if you want any of the more interesting dolls like the Inspiring Women series or the collectible lines you have to buy them online. There doesn’t seem to be a local store that stocks them.  Amazon.au has now added a collectible category and I can see a lot of the collectible dolls on it but the prices are outrageous compared to the USA. Even with free shipping I wouldn’t buy some of them.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this visit to the toy aisle more than I did.



  1. I noticed on the new Kelly dolls they have molded hair and I gotta say. Im not a fan of that at all. I myself dont generally like any type of new dolls. I prefer them 1999 and earlier.Too bad shipping is so expensive id be happy to send you some from Florida but shipping Int’l is so pricey I dont think it would save you money

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    • Unfortunately it wouldn’t, expensive shipping is one of the reason’s that we started to use Amazon for new dolls but I am hopeful that in time some Australian sellers on our Amazon will realise that they won’t make many sales unless they charge fair prices. In the meantime I am happy with what I have.


  2. I’ve had many similar experiences at Target. At one point they had the made-to-move dolls and some single fashions I deigned to buy. On my last visit it was abysmal and just as you described. However, they sell collector dolls online and sometimes have good sales. I got a discount and free shipping when I bought my Gigi Hadid dolls from them. Too bad they don’t offer the nicer dolls in the store.

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