Fashion Doll Friday: The Barbie Look Blonde 2016

Today’s Friday Girl is another of The Barbie Look series from 2016. I quite like her outfit which would be quite versatile with some other pieces I think.



  1. Congratulations on getting her. Love her urban chic attire. I never got her because of her Millie face but she looks lovely unboxed. It’s nice they are offering nice attention to details, like the bodysuit, for this line. Now when will the next ones come out and what about male dolls?

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    • I know, such a pity they never did matching Ken’s for this line. I wonder why they always leave him out? Naomi just bought the new Fox Mulder Ken so we’ll be able to show him off in a couple of weeks when he gets here.


    • I’m not a huge fan of the Millie face either and was surprised to find it on this line of dolls but I do like her outfit and as she is the only one to have it I can live with it.


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