Op Shop Dolls: A Big Box of Bratz

As I mentioned in my last Op Shop post I have a number of Bratz dolls at home to tidy up at present. Luckily they are all pretty clean and have not been inked. One looks as if she may have had a hair cut, I’m not sure if there were ever any short-haired Bratz dolls but I’ll know when I start to fix them as I usually try to research them at the same time. Most of the others just have tangled hair, two or three even have what might be their original outfits on.  We found another loose shoe today and there was a doll without feet on the shelf so as I left for the day I grabbed her to bring home. As I had previously done her hair and dressed her all she needs is a pair of feet and she will be much easier to sell. When I got home I sat down with the box and separated the dolls into two groups, those that only needed their hair fixed and those that also needed clothing. The ones who need feet have already been separated. I then removed all the scrunchies and rubber bands from their hair. Now they are ready to be combed and I will do this in the evenings while I am watching TV. All I need to do is to fill my spray bottle of fabric conditioner & water and I’ll have a detangler ready to use on the really tough ones.

I am not a huge fan of Bratz but I did find it interesting to research them last time I had a few at home and they are not bad dolls to fix up as they have good quality hair.

Here are a few pictures of the girls before I get started on them.

These girls just need their hair fixed.
More dressed Bratz waiting for hair care.
Dressed, semi dressed and undressed Bratz.

A few days later….

The weekend weather was not nice so there was no incentive to go out except for a few essential supplies. I worked on the dolls hair in the evenings and after watching the best part of two seasons of “Doc Martin” I had their hair in order. Sunday afternoon was spent matching dolls with outfits. I didn’t have quite enough to make a full matching outfit for everyone so some will have to wait for a knitted outfit. I wasn’t totally happy with some of the match ups and I think that some of the skin tones on the feet don’t quite match but I don’t suppose a child will be so fussy and if a collector were to buy them they would probably be redressed anyway. I haven’t met any doll collectors at the Op Shop yet but you never know.

The red-headed doll has definitely had a bad hair cut and as I have another whose arm has been chopped off at the elbow I am considering my first Bratz head swap if the skin tones match. However, the vast majority are good to go. Here they are.

Bratz dolls after tidying.
Quite an improvement in these three isn’t there?
bratz dolls tidied up.
Three more dolls redressed.
Three Bratz dolls after tidying and dressing.
Another three Bratz dolls fixed.

I discovered that the dolls with pink and purple streaks are the Neon Runway dolls from 2012. The pink hair one is Cloe. These dolls originally came with little dogs. You can see them in their original outfits here. I know the blonde ones are usually called Cloe, the brunette Yasmin and the black-haired doll Jade but there were others and I’m not sure about these without their original outfits. I think the dark-skinned one is Sasha and the redhead is probably Meygan. It is a shame about her hair. I hoped I would be able to restyle it but the cut is quite choppy so I don’t know.All of these dolls are the non articulated ones made prior to 2013.

I still have a few small things to do, a couple of marks I didn’t notice earlier to wipe off, maybe a bit of frizz to trim off the hair of a couple, a stitch or two to a dress but I will do that another day as after four days of looking at them I have had enough.



  1. Bratz dolls aren’t my favourites either, but you did a great job on fixing these dolls. I always enjoy the before and after pictures. I think taking abused dolls and restoring them is one of the most satisfying things about the doll hobby.

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