Rexard and Faun dolls revisited

Today, while looking through an old magazine, Doll Digest from June/July 1992 , I came across an article that mentioned the costume dolls made by Rexard and Faun which I wrote about in this post. I have reproduced the page here. It is part of an article written by Marjory Fainges called “What’s In A Name?” she writes about some of the lesser known dolls that were sold in chain stores. Marjory Fainges has written a lot of books about Australian dolls and toys. Many of them are still available.

Article about Rexard dolls

How I miss doll magazines with their helpful articles. I used to buy a lot of them when I first started collecting but gradually they all dropped away as people started to look things up on the internet. Doll Digest used to have a page for readers letters helping to identify their dolls and I found that very interesting.

Anyway I thought that this might be of interest so I decided to share.



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