Triang CEX Doll house

Triang CEX

I went to visit Vanda on Saturday. I took my CEX with me to show her. We both took some photos of the house as she has better lighting than I do. My house is as dark as the centre of the earth. I don’t have a lot of spots where I can take good photos at home.Vanda has a big kitchen bench and big windows that let the sun in. She also has some fancy lamps that can be set up for the purpose of taking photos where more light is needed. I usually lug everything outside but it’s winter and the mornings are frosty and bloody freezing. It’s bad enough getting up for work at 6am when it’s dark because I have to.

Well anyway we set the house up and I picked up all the furniture because a lot of it fell over while putting in the car and getting it out again. It looked as if the tenants had trashed the place. So once that was sorted out we asked the tenants to take a walk while we took our photos. They went next door to visit the tenants in the 61. I’m not sure if they were very welcome there though.

Today I will show you some of the photos of the inside of the house. It was never decorated but it does have the original kitchen and bathroom fittings that came with this house. Many people pull these out so I was very happy that my house still has them.They would be so hard to get now. I have experimented with getting one of the stickers off the house. It faded away somewhat so I will get on with fixing this. As more is done with this house I will show more photos. For today I will be showing the four rooms inside. This house has a living room, kitchen, bedroom and a huge bathroom.I don’t know why they made the room so big. I think other people pull out the bathroom for this reason and make a second bedroom. This house has no central hallway so the staircase goes from the living room to the bedroom. More to come later.

The Triang 61 House pictured so you can compare the two of them.
Both houses together. Note the steps in front of the CEX. Many of the Triang houses had these.
Some exterior shots of the two houses
CEX house with steps, both chimneys, all windows, curtains and garage door.
The opened garage
Inside the living room. The furniture is Triang Spot On.
Stairs and interior door. Note the doorknob.
Stairs and interior door.
The kitchen and built in oven and sink
The kitchen
The bedroom. All furniture is Triang Spot On from the 1960s
The Bathroom furniture is also built in. Note electric light


  1. The house is 1-16 scale. I love the colours in this house too.I think it is a very cheery looking house although I do love the Tudor style homes very much. The 61 was made in 1939 and my CEX was probably made 1958 – 1962. I think mine could be one of the earlier ones from the 1950s. My next job is going to be repairing the windows as quite a few of them have damage but nothing too major.


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