Op Shop Dolls: Baby Born

This is the Baby Born that I brought home from the Op Shop to clean up.

Baby Born to be cleaned and redressed.

Baby has an issue I didn’t really notice at first. Some of her nose has been gouged. I am not quite sure if there is a way I can fix this problem so I will have to look into it. As you can see this doll also has discoloured eyes, a problem I discussed in this post from last year.

Baby Born with damaged nose.

A few days later….

Baby has had a good clean and most of the marks have come off. I ended up pulling off a little bit of vinyl that was sticking up. I read an article about someone sanding scratches off their AG doll with very fine sandpaper but I don’t have any so I think I will just let baby go as is.
Newborn baby clothes are a tiny bit big but with a nappy on underneath they fit. In the box was a Baby Born dressing gown, nappy and dummy but I had this outfit amongst the stash of things from the shop and although it is a bit large I thought it was cute.

Baby Born Redressed.




  1. Perfect fix! The pink in the outfit enhances the pink eyes & makes them seem intentional/unique. I have had some success with hot glue gun on superficial gauges to flatten them but low grit sand paper or an emery board works too. So cute!


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