The CEX Tenants

Will Batman go Batty?

Batman and Robin are not happy to return to their investment property to find they have got squatters in it. Holy home sweet home Batman! Yikes it’s all their nightmares combined into one. Will their investment property get trashed? Can Batman evict them before they cause any damage? Did the Joker put the stickers on the house? Stay tuned!

Holy Sleeping Beauty Batman!
Holy Rub a dub dub. The Penguin is in the tub!
What if he leaves a ring around the bath?????
You’ve got bats in your attic if you think I am going to move for you! Will the Joker short sheet all the beds if he is forced to leave????
Holy House Warming!
This is just Purrfect!
If only…………..I could…………….get these ………………..dishes done……….Robin! I’ll see if I can find a scourer in my utility belt. Darn Catwoman for burning all the pots! A catastrophe.


  1. Holy missing dishes Batman! Catwoman should have to replace them and have to do them for a two weeks! But she might just put them in the tub with Penguin! Then the Joker can make up the beds. Guess their guest are NOT run of the mill, and their neighbors couldn’t be just anyone!

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  2. Love your comment. Sorry I had no proper props to put in the house with them to make it look a bit better. I can’t wait until I can unpack all the houses and set them up again. I usually have a few scenes with stuff going on.Not sure if Batman will want to run a bed and breakfast again.


  3. That would be amazing,,better than sleeping in the Lincoln room in the whitehouse. No worries I had Princess Leia and Chewbacca in mine until I got furniture in my Marx house (they appear the same or close to the same size as yours)., and they lived in an attic of Barbie’s place, serious need of quality rentals. I think.I have little Disney figures and some fairies but a proper family in the right scale is overdue!Look forward to future post.

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