Fashion Doll Friday: TommyXGigi Hadid Barbie 2017

Today’s Friday Girl is Gigi Hadid Barbie modelling some Fashion Fever outfits. The articulated dolls are so much fun to pose and she is so pretty now she’s out of that dreadful outfit she came with. Gigi can wear Fashion Fever very well although the green dress which was made for the Model Muse body was a little snug around the back and of course none of the shoes fit her because of her flat feet.



  1. Oooh must be sooo much fun to style a top model! Hope you enjoy her for years to come and we see her in fashion shoots. I would like to see her in The Look fashions. Almost regret selling mine ;(


  2. This is a lovely doll who styles the outfits from one end of the rainbow to the other..part Bond girl /pretty face..part Dorothy of OZ adventures.. too bad she isn’t a secret agent she’s gorgeous..

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