Op Shop Dolls: Clones on Parade

As the weather has been really wet this week it is a good time to continue fixing up the fashion dolls I brought home from the Op Shop recently. I decided to divide the dolls by type, mostly because I’m really pedantic about keeping dolls in their types. So now the Bratz are done except for a few who are waiting on feet I have moved on to the clones. Some of these are Barbie clones, some are Bratz or Moxie Girl clones, or at least they have the same sized bodies and the larger heads. I checked them all for markings but most just have the ubiquitous “Made in China” which is useless to type into a search engine. I am hoping that someone will know who they are if I haven’t figured them out by the time I’m done fixing them.

Most of them are not in bad shape, they just need their hair fixed and a wipe down. some of them even arrived with their clothes on.  Before I took their photos I removed all the rubber bands and scrunchies from their hair ready to start untangling it.

I do know that the doll in the front centre of the first photo is a Simba doll. She is fairly well made and articulated at elbows, knees and ankles.  The one on the left looks as if she might be a Disney Princess clone. She has a strangely top heavy body. The one on the right is smaller but with the skinny body and large head.

In the next photo the two shorter dolls are obviously made by the same company but apart from “Made in China” on their heads and a printed number on their backs there is nothing to identify them.  They have non articulated bodies and printed on panties. The brunette may be wearing her original dress but I’m not sure. The other doll is another Disney Princess clone I think, most likely Cinderella. She looks like a cheap Barbie.



A few hours on Friday evening was enough time to detangle the dolls hair. I combed it out and then combed it again with a 50:50 water:fabric softener solution. This morning I dunked a few who still had the frizzies badly in boiling water and combed their hair out again. Not all of them needed this treatment. The girl with the plaits I have not touched. I think she only needs a new rubber band on one plait and to have the stray hairs trimmed away. Trimming will also happen on a couple of the other dolls whose hair is thick and messy at the ends. During this phase of cleaning I’m also cleaning off dirty marks and stickers, some of these gals were obviously from someone’s garage sale. I’ve only seen one who may need Oxy 10 treatment.

The girls after their boiling water treatment.

Here you can see the girls drying out. There is certainly a wide variety of body types here. Included in this batch are three Mattel Disney dolls which I will tell you more about in a separate post.

Finally they just need to be dressed so those who don’t have something to wear will receive a new outfit from the doll Op Shop which is a big bag of miscellaneous doll outfits that I brought home. I know that I have a Simba baby and at least one Simba toddler in the box to be worked on so I may put the Simba girl aside to go with them and any suitable odds and ends to make a play set. The others will head back to the shop next week. As usual I haven’t bothered to find them shoes because most of the ones in the box are odd ones that don’t fit them and also because I feel it is a waste of time, the shoes would probably be lost in five minutes. I am an adult and I have enough trouble keeping track of doll shoes.

And now for their big reveal.

The doll on the left still needs a few marks removed.
The doll on the right still has rather unruly hair but it is clean and shiny.
I even found a tiara for the princess.
All tidied up and redressed.

I am feeling quite pleased with how these dolls came out considering the state their hair was in. Disney clone doll still has cream on her nose which will need to stay there until the marks have come off her face.The next post will be about the Disney dolls.



  1. I don’t recognize any of the dolls to tell you a brand, but if I was shopping at the Op shop, I like some of these clones, I would buy them. I like the one with the braids, the brunette next to her and the Simba doll. I really like a lot of the Simba dolls and buy them when I find them. I think they are quite durable and cute. Articulation isn’t a requirement for me, pliable/ flexible to dress a doll is more important to me. After all Barbie didn’t start out being articulated! Of course, even Mattel isn’t making all the dolls articulated, some aren’t even that bendable! So, since I grew up with Barbies since the 1960’s, I am fine with the choices out there-at least there are choices. I wish I could more easily buy Simba dolls directly, I do enjoy them, especially the male dolls. Hardly see any of those. I think it is wonderful that you are willing to go the extra mile to make the dolls look better for customers. Most used shops near me don’t even clean the toys just put them out just as they come in.

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    • I would agree with your choices Helen, I don’t know what the brunette and the blonde with the braids are but cleaned up they are very pretty. I also agree that Simba made some very nice dolls and the quality was excellent. Naomi has a couple of Simba male dolls and I am hoping she’ll have time to photograph them and post them soon. She repainted their hair to make them look a bit different and they have really nicely sculpted heads.
      I’ve seen dirty and dishevelled Barbies in Op Shops and at markets and while I get that fixing their hair takes time they could at least be clean. Some of those shops charge quite a lot for them in that condition. At our Op Shop we like the clothes we sell to be clean and tidy and the household goods to be in good condition so I thought it only right that the dolls should also be clean and tidy. I think they have more eye appeal that way and I hope that if they look nice to begin with there is more incentive for the toy to be looked after.


  2. Great job on these dollies! The Simba doll is Steffi Love, a nice articulated version. I have her as a major character in my soap opera blog, along with the toddlers, the baby, and an articulated version of the male doll. They make good, posable actors!

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  3. several look like princess clones and maybe even Dorothy and Alice. One looks like Megera from Hercules but not certain as there was another character that was a lot like her. Unfortunately my Disney reference is very old.

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