Save Dolls House Past and Present

This was posted by Lee from Shed on the Pond  and I totally agree . This is a fantastic website which Naomi and I have used quite a lot to ID our own dolls house furniture and houses. It would be an absolute tragedy if this archive was lost. I received an email about the situation yesterday and I had been aware that they had serious problems with the website for quite some time. I donated and I hope that some of you will too even if it is only a couple of dollars.

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Please help to save this wonderful resource for all Dolls House collectors and restorers, ‘Dolls House Past and Present’.    Visitors to Shed on the Pond are often referred to this site, with its wonderful picture reference, and very helpful Forum.  It would be devastating to loose it …….

…………..’Dolls Houses Past & Present began in 2009 as an online meeting place for owners and collectors, conservationists and restorers of both old (sometimes very old) and new dolls houses, with the intention of helping to fill the gap left by the demise of the print publication International Dolls House News. From that very small beginning, it has grown considerably and is now an internationally significant collaborative information site which:

* is referenced by museums and sellers of antique and vintage dolls houses
* researches and documents dolls house makers of all periods, especially the 19th and 20th…

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