Fashion Doll Friday: Riviera Barbie Red Head 1999

Long time readers of this blog will recognise today’s Friday Girl as a rerun from a couple of years ago when she was one of the “My Favourite Barbie” series. I hauled her out of storage recently as I needed the dress she was wearing.  I still think she is gorgeous so I decided to redress her and photograph her again. I think she pulls off the LBD quite well. The dress belongs to one of my Black Basics girls but as it is stretchy it fits Polly despite her having a larger bust.




  1. She rocks! I love the eyes of that era, natural and not overshadowed by too much make-up. Compared to today’s playline she looks a lot more ladylike..

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    • Yes she does. I love that about the late 90s, early 2000’s that you could buy a really nice playline doll for ten or twelve dollars. I am sure they were way cheaper in the USA though.


  2. not always..and the AA sold out almost immediately.. not too much to love lately. Also being a granny looking type I still get funny looks buying at the thrift shop.. but I tend to buy rescues I can fix,re-head or rehome.

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