Op Shop Dolls: Disney Princesses

Ariel, Mulan and Rapunzel

Today’s Op Shop dolls are three Disney Princesses. They are not in really bad shape, they just need a light clean and to have their hair tidied.  I have to say that I don’t really like these dolls. I find their eyes too cartoonish and two of them have molded on clothing and I don’t have to tell you how much that annoys me. However, these dolls are obviously aimed at the younger end of the market so I guess it is cheaper and easier to make them that way.

Ariel, Mulan, Rapunzel

At least these dolls are not very hard to ID. The one in green is Glitter’n’Lights Ariel. I think she is from about 2014. She has a compartment on her back for a battery and when you press her pendant her tiara lights up.To get the best effect she has to be shaken. It doesn’t work at present but if I have a suitable battery I’ll try it out. The one in purple is Princess Sparkle Rapunzel, from 2012 I think. There are a few princesses with similar names but I am fairly sure I have the right one.  Both have straight, non bending legs and the belly button body and are shorter than the standard Barbie. The other one is also on a belly button body  but with bendable legs. She is obviously Mulan but which one? She is a little taller than the others so I feel she is an older doll. My searching suggests to me that she is Sparkle Princess Mulan from 2009. What do others think?



There was not a lot I had to do to these three dolls so I soon had their hair in order. It is quite hard to redress dolls of this type, especially Ariel with all that molding round her shoulders. She’d look silly in street clothes anyway. After a good rummage I found some outfits that would work and decided to include a couple of extra outfits for each doll. After all what good is a fashion doll without clothes to dress her in. I even managed to find a mermaid tail for Ariel.

Here they are!

Rapunzel, Mulan and Ariel

I am pleased with the way their hair came up. It is shiny and silky. They were quite nice to work on even though they are not something I would buy for myself.



  1. Great job, I recently donated five used Barbie’s from random lots, the painted on swimsuits are apparently popular at the thrift store as younger kids parents get tired of redressing dolls, and for $3-4, it’s a bargain .Ariel I nearly always give these away with fins, one I just made a crocheted one using an old afgan square.I had a damaged Flynn Ryder from tangled/Rapunzel I had to melt part of his nose by using a hot glue gun.I will probably use a facial hair to conceal it, plus right now he has a Beast mask on.I just won an Ideal Shirley Temple who will need some work but she has been on my wish list so long I already has back-up outfits and a booklet on other Shirley dolls . Re-homing dolls is not just a rewarding hobby, it feels every bit of our culture and history as the family history I work on. Another wonderful blog! Keep up the great work!

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  2. You did a great job with them and I’m sure some little girl will soon give them a new home. I do have a small collection of Disney dolls, but I’m totally with you on the molded clothing. I think you nailed her ID.

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