Fashion Doll Friday: Fashion Fever Teresa Wave C


Today’s Friday Girl is one of two Teresa’s in Wave B and was last featured in 2014 although she has been an occasional model for the Fashion Fever closets. As with Julia recently I realised that it had been some time since I took any photos of Kirsty and that the ones I had were old and most of them not that good. I always really liked the old, square-jawed Teresa face and I have quite a few examples of her. Kirsty has very pretty colouring and I like her hair. Here she is in a few outfits I especially like on her.



  1. Teresa has one of the nicer sculpts and I like Kirsty’s streaked hair. She looks great in all the outfits you chose, but I especially like the burgundy/fuchsia outfits.

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  2. What an outfit bonanza. Kirsty sure is lucky to model so many styles. She looks ready to shop for more fashions in the white and red outfit, love the little shopping bag.


    • The swimsuit was a late addition to the post as I had been making the balloon outfits for some dolls going to the Op Shop and thought that colour would look nice on Kirsty,


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