Fashion Doll Friday: Barbie The Look City Shine Redhead 2017

This week’s Friday Girl is the redhead version of the City Shine dolls. I have had her for quite some time but I didn’t de-box her until just the other day. All the City Shine dolls are very nice I think and this one is no exception. Her hair was a little flat from being in the box for so long but other wise she is fine. I am glad that I bought her when we could still buy from Amazon US as I got her for a pretty good price. Amazon AU is selling her for $A150 which is a bit steep.





  1. I absolutely love this doll! I’ve rebodied her onto a made to move body and she is one of the stars of my soap opera blog. I named her Merida after the Disney Scottish princess because of her gorgeous curly ginger hair.

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  2. Va va voom, I have never seen this City Shine doll but she is certainly is striking and her outfit is in very unusual jewel tones. I miss these sophisticated, “older” looking dolls.

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    • She’s great isn’t she. Her hair is a little flat but I don’t really like to mess with the curly ones too much. I have more City Shine left to show in a post and that will be next week I think.


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