Time for the Doll Show Again

Hobart Doll Show poster

It’s that time of year again. The one doll show that I can get to is on again soon at the Hobart Show Grounds. Luckily it is on for two days because I can’t make it on Saturday as I usually do. This year Naomi and I will go on the Sunday. Although the show is primarily to showcase porcelain dolls made by members of the Hobart Doll Club there are always interesting stalls with dolls, bears, clothing and supplies and I love browsing around these. Here are some of my finds from previous years.


A Pedigree doll and her little friend.

14″ doll marked Pedigree


New outfits for two dolls and two clone dolls.

Sue’s new outfit
Marilyn’s new dress
Sindy clone-made in Hong Kong
The stall holder told me this was her original outfit.


A Steffi Love doll and a horse for her. I forgot to take a photo of Steffi or if I did I can’t find it.

Sindy and Sarah, horsewomen.


Singing Troy from High School Musical.

Singing High School Musical Troy

Naomi has had a few nice finds too. What will we find this year I wonder?




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