Fashion Doll Friday: Barbie The Look City Shine 2015

Today’s Friday Girl is the last one of my black label Barbie’s to be de-boxed. She is a City Shine Barbie from 2015 I wanted her because, as you know I like short-haired dolls and I like dolls with black hair to make a change from blonde and brunette. I don’t like the double bent arms, the worst dolls to redress by far I think but I can live with it. I have had her in storage for months so I was quite excited to be finally getting her out. However once I had I was a bit disappointed to see that her red top appeared to have rubs in it. I didn’t think it was supposed to be like that although I noticed that the photo on the Mattel shop site is the same. Maybe it is supposed to be like that or they just did these dolls in crappy material? Anyway that was a bit disappointing as I felt it spoiled the look of the outfit. A shame because I liked it.  Other than that I think she is pretty cool. I haven’t thought of a name for her yet. She is reminding me of someone but I am not sure who.



  1. I’ve got this one too! I gave her hair a good brushing to loosen it up a bit and rebodied her onto a series of articulated bodies. The last one (her current body) is a very pale and very cheap plastic body from AliExpress and I don’t like it at all. I was so happy when suddenly offered the pale purple top made to move doll again at a reasonable price and once that arrives, she’ll be on a sturdier body.

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    • I actually have that MTM doll so that’s an option if I ever want to rebody her. It is good that you can buy these articulated bodies from China but some are a bit cheap looking and I don’t think I’d want to put a “good” Barbie onto one.

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  2. I was just getting ready to take this gal out of storage as I just got an AA city shine w/2011 on her head/model muse body..I redressed her in the only sparkly dress I had left..Megera’s dress from Hurcules. I’m Going to put her with the one you featured today (I call Alice) for the twilight series, as she looks better than the doll they have, and is more stylish. Glad you shared about the rub-off issue will have to check! Pulling out the Twillight couples for pre-Halloweeen display..and a few for other vamp/supes; Sookie Stackhouse books..etc..A lot only have only ugly action figures ,so had to be inventive, and cross genres..Harry Potter will be a judge in a best witch beauty contest. So far he’s my only wizard. Tell Naomi my Rit dye experiment was a wash out. Will just use wigs on witches.I think you did that successfully w/ one of your models.

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  3. Wow love her for the same reasons as you mentioned: short black hair, pale skin. Her outfit is fabulous. Don’t really see that many leggings/pants often. Too bad she’s your last City Shine doll and about the top which I can’t see. It’s disappointing to pay for a premium doll and find it’s not perfect. I’ve sometimes repurchased the same doll to get a better version.

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