Bendables in the CEX House

Bent Out of Shape in a Bendy World

Batman & Robin have spent the last few weeks trying to remove all the Tom and Jerry stickers that “The Joker” stuck to the house. The tricky jester put them everywhere. Batman and the Boy Wonder return to their BNB only to find that something else is a miss. 


“Holy air conditioning Batman! All the windows are gone!!!! ” “Good Heavens Robin! We have a new guest arriving today! To the Batcave! We haven’t got a minute to lose” “I wonder which one of those super criminals did this. I bet it’s The Penguin again.” “Let us not be ……..too hasty……in our …… guesswork …………..Robin. “Let’s see which one of those tricky crooks is the more likely to be jealous of our new BNB and want to spoil things for us” “Gosh Batman I still think it’s the Penguin. He likes the cold!” 


Did the Penguin steal all the windows so he could get a nice chilly breeze through the windows? 


Or maybe it was “The Joker”! Did the Joker steal the windows for a funny joke perhaps?

Or was it the Catwoman trying to achieve the purrfect crime???


But what’s this? Could it be that green menace “The Riddler”?????


“Look Batman, there’s a note.” “Let us open it up and see what it says old chum.”

“What kind of pain can’t you feel but gets worse when it’s not there????” “Gosh Batman the answer must me a window pane” “Not so fast old chum, let’s run it through the computer first and check the answer.” ” Holy University Degree Batman, this must be the work of “The Riddler” but what does he want with our windows?” “It’s obvious Robin, he’s jealous of our BNB. Didn’t you notice how he always wears green?He’s green with envy.” “Look there he is on the roof! Boy I’ve got a few questions to ask him when we catch him.” “So have I Robin like what have you done with our windows you monster!” “Let’s get the batropes and climb up and get him.” “Good thinking chum”



‘Hey Batman! You won’t find what you’re looking for up here but I’ll give you a clue of where they are since you’re finding this such a pain!” “You you fiend Riddler!” “I think you better attend to your guest first or should I say ex guest. It looks like he has left the building!”


Elvis has left the building! Has Batman really lost his only paying BnB guest? Will he get his windows back from “The Riddler”? “Are the Joker, the Penguin and Catwoman helping him or are they innocent? Will Elvis come back? Stay tuned and find out next time.



  1. On the edge of my seat! I was just reading a book where Elvis was transformed into a Vampire because the morg attendant was a vampire and a super-fan, they called him Bubba and sometimes he wanders around and people see him, which accounts for occasional sightings.. Amazing story or should I say Episode? My only bendies are Star wars and Laurel & Hardy.Too bad Superman wasn’t there to use his e-ray vision.. I just can’t wait for the next adventure!

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