Fashion Doll Friday: Pedigree Paul 1967

Today we have a Friday Guy and he is the 1967 version of Sindy’s boyfriend Paul. He belongs to Naomi and you will have seen him before in “Vintage Visitors; A Sindy Surprise”. This version of Paul is much smaller than the others. Most Paul clothes are too big on him and even his feet are tiny. I borrowed Sindy’s shoes for his photo and they were too big for him as his feet are so narrow. However, he does have lovely colouring and I think he is a very nice doll.



    • Hasbro Paul looks nothing like him and that was my main objection to the Hasbro dolls. Not that there was anything wrong with them but they were nothing like Sindy and Paul as I knew them.


  1. Exactly..barely even related..I just lost Paul again in an auction I suspect was cancelled because it didn’t meet their pricepoint..I had so many notifications I was ahead then , just cancelled..But I did win a Sindy horse by Marx?..It was too pretty to pass up.I had to dip into x-mas money to afford it but gosh, don’t we ever have those things we just can’t pass up even if it wasn’t planned?

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    • That happens to us all the time usually just after we’ve said “That’s it, no more toys for a bit.” I wrote a post on Sindy horses that might help you ID yours. It has some links I think. Probably Marx as they did a lot of the best playsets.


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