Bent Out of Shape in a Bendy World

The Missing Windows Part 2

When we last saw our heroes the windows to their BNB had been stolen!

It turned out to be the work of none other than the Riddler and Elvis had left the building! Batman and Robin have been left in the cold!


“Elvis come back. Elvis we can fix this” cried Batman. “Holy gold record Batman, Elvis is really leaving.” “I’m going back to Graceland Man. I’m all shook up from staying in this old house. I’ve got the blues man!”

Elvis leaves and Batman and Robin soon fly into action. “To the Batmobile Robin. There isn’t a moment to lose! They race to the garage.”Where are we going Batman?” “To Bunnings Warehouse to buy new windows. I’ll send the account to our questionable friend and he can pay it the fiend.”


“Batman! I can’t get the door to open.” “Confound it! I knew we should have installed a roller door!” “We better get one of those at Bunnings too Batman.” “Good thinking old Chum”


“Stand back Robin. Now if …..I………can……..just ……..get to ……..utility belt! I think I’ve ……got ……my……all purpose Bat Spray” But when Batman finally gets the door open there is a surprise waiting inside.

“Holy hardware Batman! All of the windows are inside the garage!!!!” “Good heavens Robin so they are! But who put them in there?” Looking for something Batman? hoo hoo hoooo! “Riddler!” “You disappoint me Batman, I thought you would have found these much sooner. I see Elvis has left the building. I guess it’s curtains for your stupid BNB.” “You monster Riddler! You’ll get at least five years for stealing these windows.” “No I won’t Batman! They’ve been on your own property the entire time but I’ll have you for defamation of character. Imagine accusing me of stealing.”  “Holy justice system Batman! I hate it when a crook like him is right.”

“Alright Riddler why did you remove all the windows from the house? We know you did that much.” “You better tell us or else Riddler.” “It was simple. I had to reinstall “Windows”


Batman and Robin turn to the task of putting all the windows back into place when suddenly! “Holy Automobile Batman! If all the windows were stacked up in the garage where is the Batmobile???” “Good heavens Robin! You’re right. The Riddler must have stolen it. That must have been his real crime. He only stole the windows to distract us from what he was really up to. That Monster!” “It’s enough to drive you up the wall isn’t it Batman!” “You’ll go back to the penitentiary for at least ten years Riddler.”


Is Batman right? Did the Riddler steal the Batmobile? If so where is it hidden and what is he going to do with it? Stay tuned and find out next week on this channel.





  1. That was classic (re-install windows)..My dollhouses mostly don’t have windows..or Apple..or even a small gadgets..Those silly Olson twins took the cool stuff when they moved out..including the pink lantern that lit up.They even took Barbies two seater car..but the up-side is I can put Tammy’s horse that arrived today in the main room with bulls-eye and Liv’s horse! I’ll Have to do some research on names.(circa 1978)..and find a Sindy w/ more articulation so she doesn’t have to sit side saddle.

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  2. I don’t think any of the Sindy’s were articulated but your best bet would be the later Active Sindy’s who were often dressed as ballerina’s. Sindy loved horses but she never actually rode well so maybe she should lend her horse to Action Girl.
    Horses in the living room reminds me of a scene in the film “The Committments” where a kid is taking a horse in the elevator because “the stairs would kill him.”

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  3. Barbie in her usual style uses friends stuff..right now Max Steele letting Jamie Summers drive her to appointments in his car while he’s on a mission with Action man and the G.I. Joes, also Tammy had a curfew issue and is leasing her car this week to Sindy till she can get her horse properly boarded somewhere.(probably with the Toy Story crew), as we all know Jessie loves all kritters big or small..and this way she and Woody can get more riding time in while Bo- Peep tends the sheep. (Plus with three horses everyone can ride.).The Olson Twins are looking for another car as their little Sister Elisabeth (actress), has been going w/ them to red carpets lately and there isn’t room.

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